Fun first night off…

Friday, June 23, 2017

Done with work for two days!!!

I slept pretty good and then when I got up I was STARVING!  I immediately started working on the meal — “chicken” broccoli alfredo — LOVE this meal.  Definitely one of the great new meals that we created this year.

After eating, my belly felt so much better.  Dishes got done, we went out and looked at our flowers (all looking GOOD!), and then decided to head out for a ride.

The night was humid, but with the wind blowing in your face, it was so much more tolerable.  We drove all the way out to Simsbury, CT (a CUTE little town) and stopped at J. Foster for some ice cream….we were not too impressed by the shop — no signs up to tell you how much the ice cream was (expensive!), no signs up to tell you the flavors (so you had to make a decision quickly when it was your turn without getting a chance to mull it over!), and the ice cream was not as good as some other places we have tried (although the graham cracker flavor I had WAS good…but we both got Reese’s and it was more like chocolate ice cream with only a LITTLE bit of peanut butter flavor).  Izzy liked her vanilla though!!

We were home a little after 9:30 pm and then we turned the AC on in the bedroom, poured ourselves a glass of wine, got out the last of the potato chips, and played us a game of Rumikub — that game is SO MUCH FUN.  Difficult, but fun 🙂

We played three hands and Kimm ended up winning.

What a GREAT first night off!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 174)…

~~our spiritual exploration of this life begins with our bodies

~~the asana allow us to do that…to start RIGHT where we ARE

Things making me happy today: good night at work, “chicken” broccoli alfredo, looking at the flowers after dinner, going for a ride, ice cream (graham cracker!), game night!!


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