Saturday, June 24, 2017

Somehow, after enjoying my relaxing breakfast today, I felt like weeding!  Strange huh!  I generally like the IDEA of weeding, HATE the actuality of weeding, but then LOVE the results of weeding!!!!  Anyways, I was out there for TWO HOURS (for those who have not weeded before, that is a LOT of weeding).  However, there is still more to be done.  I pretty much got the side of the house by the new perennials, and then the front with the two big wooden buckets, completely done.  There were a lot of weeds.  Now I’m left with the side of the house with the two smaller wooden buckets.  It will probably be another two hour job…for another day.

But oh, it looks SO SO good when it is all done!!

After a shower and sitting, we decided on ordering pizza out which was just what I needed.  No cooking.  I’ve determined that from now on after a weeding marathon, food out will be a MUST.

After eating the deliciousness of Nicky’s pizza, I relaxed and just nodded off.  So peaceful.

We did an after dinner walk, but not until almost twilight…it was much cooler and better for Izzy.  We ran into a neighbor and they have a very cute 3 month old puppy!!  So friendly.

Then it was back home for another round of game night.  We played…Last Word, Chinese Checkers and Sequence…all while munching on popcorn and M&M’s and drinking Raspberitas…it was a FUN night.

Bed is looking SO good.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 175)…

~~ahimsa (non-violence) is the core teaching of yoga

~~as we begin to honor and care for our bodies, our entire lives begin to change

~~the sensitivity necessary for us to become conscious of all the ways we act against our own bodies will teach us to avoid pitfalls in our everyday lives

Things making me happy today: getting food out, the accomplishment of seeing a job to the end and loving the results (WEEDING), late night walks, popcorn!


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