I guess the name of the game this summer may be … maintain.

Monday, June 26, 2017

My 12 hour shift went by pretty fast.  I was happy about that.  I’m sad that this will be the last week that the med/surg manager will be here…Friday is her retirement date and I am going to miss our early morning chats so much.  SIGH.  When I was leaving the hospital I saw that there was a major crash right in front…it didn’t look like anyone was injured but the cars were pretty crashed up.  Crazy how close that was.  Literally about 100 feet from my car.

When I got home I chatted a bit with Kimm then hit the sack.  I was asleep pretty fast.  I got up and did my usual Monday weigh-in.  As I expected, I gained about a pound.  I’m not really too concerned about that since I had pizza and ice cream the days before and ate quite a bit at brunch.  I’m sure after a few days it will come off and I’ll be back to where I’ve been for pretty much a couple months.  I’m have a REALLY difficult time trying to actually LOSE weight this summer!!  I think a more manageable goal will be to maintain.  There are just so many good things to eat/drink in the summer!!! I love my ice cream, wine, pizza, grill outs.  I’m NOT going to give them up so I’ll just have to keep on plugging along.

Taco salad for dinner.  So good.  Then watered the plants, walked Izzy, did yoga, showered and now I’m catching up on blogs before blow-drying my hair and leaving for work.  Only one more on.  I took a holiday day for tomorrow to have three off in a row!!!  I have to use up my time somehow 🙂

Hoping for an easy night.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 177)…

~~yoga breaks down the barriers to knowing your true self

~~satya, truthfulness — as we grow in integrity on the mat, we grow in authenticity off the mat…

~~the attunement to the moment and to the real that is required by our yoga practice does not leave us when we leave the mat…rather it brings our lives into FOCUS

Things making me happy today: done with my 12 hour shift, taco salad, looking at our flowers, yoga, feeling clean after my shower, listening to the night sounds


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