A whirlwind three days off…and welcome JULY.

Tuesday, June 27 through Saturday, July 1, 2017

WOW…these last days have just flown by.  I guess that’s because they were full.

Tuesday night was my first night off.    It had been a tough night at the hospital because just before I came in there had been a code in ICU (a patient from birthing who had been brought to the OR for an emergency c. section…gave birth to her first child…but then had some complications, bleeding, brought back to the OR for a stat hysterectomy, then needing massive amounts of blood products, finally brought to ICU, where about 1/2 hour later she coded and died).  So many of the staff were shocked and numb and it was a very somber night.  Just made me appreciate my life SO MUCH MORE as I walked out of the building into the fresh air.

After sleeping and eating, we went for a drive!  Always nice.  We stopped for ice cream and I have to say it was my least favorite place so far.  I got Coffee Mudpie (coffee ice cream with fudge swirl and Oreo pieces…first of all…NO fudge swirls, the Oreos were the knock off brand, and the coffee flavoring was very weak!!).  Kimm got Strawberry Cheesecake and I had a taste of hers and I should have gotten that flavor!  DARN.  Izzy enjoyed her vanilla as usual 🙂

SO happy I took a vacation day to have that extra day off!!

The next day was a busy one.  I cleaned/arranged the porch (2 1/2 hours!!) while Kimm mowed the lawn.  We were exhausted after that and decided to treat ourselves to Chili’s.  It was so good.  Those chips and salsa…addicting…especially because I had a margarita on the side!  Then a huge veg burger with the works, and fries on the side.  We left STUFFED.

The next day, Thursday, we bought flowers for the porch and outside.  We got a great deal!!  Must be end of season!  Didn’t plant, but instead headed out to Barnes and Noble — fun browsing the books while sipping on S’mores Frappacinos and munching on sugar cookies!  SO SO GOOD (why is high calorie food always so good?!).  After getting home, we showered and then ate appetizers (mac and cheese bites, mozz sticks, pizza bites) while watching half of Lincoln (the movie)…had to stop because we were getting drowsy!

The next day we FINALLY went strawberry picking!!! It was SO MUCH fun.  Picked for about an hour.  We each filled a box…about 13 pounds total, $2.69/lb, approx $35. So worth it.  Then home to plant all those flowers.  That was quite the workout.  Kimm had dropped off the lawnmower…another small issue with the tire constantly not staying on the level she wanted it on.  I made a new meal — Cheesy Rice Stuffed Green Peppers and it was so tasty.  We watched the rest of Lincoln while eating.   And then it was back to work…SIGH.

But, my first night back was not too bad.  A little busy in the morning, but not crazy.  And now today we had leftovers (so easy), I wrote a letter of recommendation, did yoga, showered and I’m ready to head back to work.  Only one more on!!  Can’t wait for the next two off…


Meditations from the Mat…

(Day 178)…

~~asteya is nonstealing

~~let go into right action and let that be enough

~~be in the posture you are in right now and let the rest of it sort itself out on its own

(Day 179)…

~~”While washing the dishes one should only be washing the dishes, which means that while washing the dishes one should be completely aware of the fact that one is washing the dishes.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

~~begin to pay attention to what you are doing…not to what you might be doing in the future

~~you will feel immediate relief focusing on the NOW

~~don’t steal moments away from yourself

(Day 180)…

~~we come to the mat with no idea of what  we are getting into or why

~~slowly we begin to grow in awareness, and we find, looking back, that our arrival on the mat was right on time

(Day 181)…

~~brahumacapya is moderation

~~on the mat this is about finding a practice that is sustainable and about finding a practice that supports your life off the mat

~~LIFE should be the center of one’s life

~~stay steady and sweet, firm and relaxed, focused and effortless

(Day 182)…

~~aparigraha is nonhoarding

~~it is the art of appreciating emptiness in one’s life

~~in order to do this we must first learn to let go…let go of our expectations and our concerns

~~with letting go and emptiness, grace will come


Things making me happy…

June 27, Tues — being grateful for another day alive, homemade pizza, going for a drive, watching Izzy eat ice cream :), 3 days off!!!

June 28, Wed — seeing the final result of the porch cleaned/arranged, eating out at Chili’s — chips and salsa, veggie burger with the works and fries, margarita, watching White Collar

June 29, Thurs — buying flowers for the porch!, Barnes and Noble trip (with s’mores frappacinos and sugar cookies!!), mini-weeding, that “after shower” feeling, appetizers!!

June 30, Fri — strawberry picking!!!, flowers planted for porch, new recipe (Cheesy Rice Stuffed Green Peppers), knowing I only have 2 days on!!

July 1, Sat — leftovers — easy meal and easy clean up, looking at all our new flowers, child’s pose, feeling fresh after a shower, only one more on!!


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