And…a whole week goes by!

Sunday, July 2 — Saturday, July 8, 2017

AHHHH…HOW does time go by SO DARN FAST???

Okay, so here is what happened this week…

Sunday was my first night off of work and I felt VERY lazy…so we decided to get pizza out…which was so excellent!  And then we went for a drive 🙂  Stopped at Dairy Cream, a VERY popular place near the airport that always has a long line…plus lots of good reviews…our thoughts…umm FAIR.  We both got a twist soft serve and it really was not our favorite.  Doubtful we will go there again…but…another place crossed off the list!  It started POURING as were just about done so the car got a nice car wash on the way home 🙂

Tuesday, my day off, we headed up to Target to return AND get some stuff…of course it never is just a small trip for us!  But we did manage to get out of there within a few hours.  I was very happy because I found a super soft tee…olive green with a star on it…LOVE…can’t wait to wear it!  That night we grilled out and as usual, super good.  Just love those simple meals.

Wednesday was the Fourth of July.  We spent the fourth doing our June end-of-the-month finance meeting.  Thankfully it only took us a few hours 🙂   We managed to save a good amount.  Always a good feeling.  Our mortgage will be going up, starting next month.  According to our bank, our escrow is short so we can either pay the shortage and have the mortgage go up only a small amount, or not pay the shortage, and have that shortage split among the months of the year, thus resulting in a higher mortgage.  I think we are going to pay the shortage and just have it go up a small amount.  I would HATE to see that higher amount every month!  We grilled out again…and again…super good!  I headed for work that night for 11 pm.  Saw a few fireworks on my way….

That night of work, Wednesday into Thursday, is when the new ER officially was being switched over from 5 am – 7 am.  It actually went off pretty okay, with minimal issues.  It probably helped that the ER was pretty slow at that time…only about 10 patients.  It was SO STRANGE seeing everyone in the new ER.

Thursday I told Kimm that I really wanted to focus on getting a full seven hours of sleep on my days of work.  I have just realized that I am not as young as I was and working overnights really does something to you.  I am usually tired, but have noticed I am much more tired lately and I know that I tend to just cut my sleep hours on my days when I am working.  But no more….I really want to try to get those seven hours.  It will mean getting into bed sooner, not stopping for groceries after work, reading less before sleeping.  BUT I think it will be a good thing in the long run.

First day…success!!  That Thursday of work was the first official day for the night staff for working in the new ER.  My co-supervisor came in to work with me that night just in case things were crazy.  Of course it wasn’t PERFECT because opening something new never is…but everyone got through okay.  They have started a list of things that need addressing and BOY is it a long list!!!!

Even with getting all the extra sleep, I was STILL extremely tired after working.  I hopped into bed and was able to get another seven hours.

That night we ate dinner and then went for a ride…LOVE just driving around and looking at the landscape 🙂  Completely relaxing…

So glad to have a couple days off.  And so happy to be able to go back to bed at night time again to catch up on more sleep!!

Saturday was the day of STRAWBERRIES!!!!  I had told Kimm that we absolutely had to get the strawberries dealt with that day or else they would not last much longer.

That day we made strawberry crumble muffins (SO GOOD, definitely a keeper recipe…), strawberry ice cream (another excellent recipe….definitely going to make next year too!), made strawberry freezer jam (US, by ourselves, we MADE JAM!!!…and it was EASY!!!!)  I kept some berries mashed with sugar for strawberry margaritas for a get together with a friend coming up, and froze two quart size bags for smoothies!

I would say that was a day well done!!  It felt so satisfying, but it was also exhausting. We both agreed that pizza out was a good idea!

And that’s where a whole week disappears to!



Meditations from the Mat…

(Day 183)…

~~everything will be okay….everything will get better if you focus on YOU

~~empty your cup and let grace flow in

(Day 184)…

~~the asana bring a new awareness, a shift in focus

~~our old ways of thinking dictated our previous physicality, and as we experience a new physicality with yoga, we experience new ways of thinking

~~there is only your truth, perceived in the moment, heard in your soul…the asana are a dance of this realness, of this truth

~~over time this dance changes the way we see the world

(Day 185)…

~~samadhi means clear seeing

~~attachment clouds our judgment, but letting go of our attachment is an enormous challenge to those of us who wish to use the asana as a means for spiritual transformation

~~clear seeing must be more important to us than the comfort of certainty, the power of feeling that we know

~~the letting go on the mat must be absolute

(Day 186)…

~~the first niyama is sauca, or purity

~~sauca on the mat is the work tha twe do to prepare our bodies and our minds to realize the opportunity  of asana

~~the result of purity on the mat is a pliant, strong, sensitive, balanced body, a focused mind, a carefree spirit

~~the asana detoxify us, so that our desire for many of the things we must give up lessens and disappears over time

(Day 187)…

~~the work of sauca is to “render body and mind a conduit through which the creative energy can flow freely”

~~the asana do much of the work for us…they cleanse the organs, the central nervous system, the respiratory system, and the mind, while strengthening the muscular-skeletal system

~~we each find our own way to health and balance…we are on the path that leads to truth and the means for determining the truth is our own individual experience

(Day 188)…

~~to practice the asana under adequate instruction is to practice the yamas and niyamas

~~sauca results in a deep cleansing of body and emotions

(Day 189)…

~~the second niyama is santosa, or contentment

~~on the mat, santosa is the experience of peace…it is that moment when we are no longer at war with ourselves, but are content with what is right now

~~we find contentment on the mat when we are finally willing to let go of the false pretenses that block contentment


Things making me happy

Sunday, 7/2: last minute decision to get pizza out — SO GOOD!, summer drives, sudden rainstorms, nights off, reading in bed, the fan at night…

Monday, 7/3: Target (what more can you say!), veggie kebobs and summer corn, fresh strawberries, porch time, sleeping at night time!

Tuesday, 7/4: finally getting our June finance meeting done and saving ~$885, grilling out, waffle cones with salted caramel ice cream, watching White Collar

Wednesday, 7/5: getting seven full hours of sleep!!, lowest weight yet since losing weight!!!!!, homemade pizza, walking with a breeze, AC

Thursday, 7/6: finally moving over to the new ER, continuing to focus on sleep, knowing I only have one more night to work

Friday, 7/7: being done with work, climbing into bed when you are utterly exhausted, SLEEP, after dinner drives, wide open spaces…

Saturday, 7/8: strawberry session — homemade muffins, homemade jam, homemade ice cream!!!!, getting pizza out, watching White Collar on the couch





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