Knocking it out.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Wow…I feel like a rock star today!  After breakfast (with our homemade strawberry muffins!!! and our homemade jam!!! — both excellent!!)  Kimm attacked the lawn and I attacked the inside of the house.

Things I got done…

— dishes

— swept kitchen floor

— wiped down all kitchen appliances

— cleaned upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, including TUB upstairs

— dusted downstairs (all rooms)

— swept dining room and living room

— changed sheets on bed

— dusted and swept bedroom

— washed sheets and winter comforter, folded, put away

— dusted porch

And that was it.  It felt GOOD to just get all that done, especially since we are having a friend over for book club on Wed and with me working it would have been a lot for Kimm to get done before then.  So now it is done and everything looks good inside and outside!!

We enjoyed the fruits of our labors by showering and then enjoying a good grill out — veg burgers, veggie kebobs, corn off the cob, chips and dip, and of course, homemade strawberry ice cream on waffle cones 🙂

Nappy nap after.

Then I ended the night by chatting with my parents as they are heading to Door County for their first vacation of the year!  I DO miss those days of camping at the State Peninsula Park!

I’m in for 10 pm tonight.  Hopefully it’s a good one…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 190)…

~~contentment is reverence for the grace that is already present in our lives

~~most of us arrive at the mat with a powerful DIS-contentment practice already in place!!

~~add to that…we live in a world that seems to provide us with many opportunities for discontentment

~~the distance between discontent and contentment is bridged by the willingness to be honest and to work hard…and to LET GO OF THE RESULTS

Things making me happy today: a power cleaning session and seeing the results!!, grilling out, starting a new book, eating our homemade jam!, talking with my parents


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