Bummed at BJ’s…

Friday, July 14th, 2017

OHHH…BJ’s….you get us every time!!!!

So, today we had planned to go to BJ’s because we had some recently expired coupons from them and they have always taken them up to one week past expiration.  We headed there after breakfast and a relaxing morning even though neither of us wanted to go.  We never WANT to go there!!

We made a quick trek through the store because honestly there wasn’t too much on our list.  Of course the ONE THING that we had gone there for they did not have!!!!  Litter!!! And that is difficult for Kimm’s parents to pick up for us because it is so heavy.  I REALLY hope this does not mean that they are thinking of not carrying it anymore.  That is one of the big ticket items that we can save a lot of money on there.  Even though it is a bulk store, not many things are too much less expensive.  But the litter is…so if they don’t carry it anymore, we might not go there anymore.  ESPECIALLY after what happened today…

Which was that the items we had gotten with expired coupons (toilet paper, vitamins, Snickers ice cream bars) were NOT accepted with the expired coupons!!!!  WHAT!!!!  We told them we have done this in the past and they said they have stopped doing this for about two months now.  I don’t know how true that is…I believe Kimm’s parents were there within that time and they always use the expired coupons.  I wonder if it had anything with us going through the SELF CHECKOUT lane??  All I know is that we were both pretty mad we made the trip out there…with them not having the litter and us not getting the expired coupon items we ended up getting only THREE things (and it takes a good 20 minutes to get there!!!!).  BIG SIGH.

Anyways, it’s done now.  We will have to see if they do accept Kimm’s parents expired coupons in the future.  If they do, then we were majorly screwed!

We came home, very hungry, and made Cheeseburg Salad…yumm…followed by the last of our homemade strawberry ice cream 😦

A nap after dinner and now I’m writing/reading blogs before taking a shower.  Our plan is popcorn and a White Collar before I head into work.

I’m only on for 2 days…and only FIVE work days until VACATION 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 195)…

~~many of us come to the mat in a hurry

~~our self-study has shown us a world full of pain and loss and because some work on the mat has brought relief, we start thinking that more work on the mat will bring more relief faster

~~our haste is self-defeating…do not walk so fast…the pain you wish to escape is everywhere…but the grace you seek is ALSO everywhere

Things making me happy today: re-reading a good book, coffee!!, cheeseburg salad, buying a book on sale, knowing I only have two days on, popcorn!!

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