July Vacation {Day THREE}

Sunday, July 23, 2017

HOW is this vacation going by so fast already!!!!????

Today was a mix of relaxing and entertaining.

We woke up kind of early again (thanks Izzy!).  But thankfully bagels and coffee awaited us 🙂

Then I painted my toenails (light teal blue…) in preparation for the wedding we were attending later that afternoon…

While the nails dried, I watched a bit of The Mockingjay (LOVE!).

Then shower time…with shaving of course…

We had a slight error with the wedding card!  I had filled out the message on it, placed it in the envelope carefully, sealed it and Kimm had found some heart stickers for the front of the envelope because it was one of those “may need additional postage” envelopes…which would NOT have looked festive on the card front…so the heart stickers were a great cover up…HOWEVER…all of a sudden I remembered that we did not put the cash in the envelope (the gift!!!!).  So I had to use a sharp knife to get the envelope open again, oh so carefully, but it still looked horrible, and of course we had no other envelope that would have fit, so I became VERY creative and used more of the heart stickers to re-seal the envelope.  All in all I think it looked pretty good!  But thank goodness we remembered that BEFORE we left the house 🙂

Kimm and I looked excellent for the wedding if I do say so myself!!!!  It was nice to get dressed up for once.  I wore my new Gap cream colored linen pants, with a white tank, with my light-weight long-sleeved button up (white with pastel stripes…blue, pink, yellow), with sandals….Kimm wore cream colored shorts with a short sleeved plaid button up (cream and blues) with sandals…It was a dressy casual because they knew it was going to be warm.

I was SO happy for the brides that the rain held off.  The venue was in Hadley, MA at the Young Men’s Club…it was a really nice place!  An outside pavilion with tables, a bar, a kitchen area, restrooms.

The ceremony was held on the grassy area next to the pavilion…it was a warm one!  Kimm got even MORE of a sunburn!  The ceremony was very intimate and sweet…completely befitting the two brides…the best part was when each of them sang a song for each other.  There was definitely some squish-squish going on 🙂  It was so wonderful to see two people who love each other so much be able to commit to each other in front of all their loved ones 🙂

After the ceremony…drinks and food!  It was a cash-only bar but the prices were really reasonable…we each got three drinks and total was about $27 (Kimm had two Bud Light Limes and one berry sangria, I had one Mike’s Hard Lemonade, one berry sangria and one citrus sangria).  Food was excellent — the did a taco bar!!  I had tortilla chips with salsa, a side salad, and two hard shell tacos with black beans and the works (lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream).  Followed by cake!!! (gluten-free funfetti for me — one of the brides is gluten-free, and chocolate for Kimm).   Dancing followed but we just chatted away with our table of friends (mostly people we knew from Drag Brunch).   Both Kimm and I agreed it was one of the best weddings we had ever been to…it was so simple, yet so perfect!

We made our exit about 9 pm and headed home…we ran into Kimm’s parents who were over letting Izzy out for us.  We chatted a bit and then after they left, ate an English muffin before heading up to bed.

A wonderful third day of vacation!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 204)…

~~the yoga mat is a mirror…the habits of the mind that create suffering everywhere else in our lives turn up on the mat as well…

~~it takes a while to figure out that our suffering is caused by our habitual thoughts about the world, rather than by the nature of the world…eventually we understand that if we want our outsides to change, we must first change our insides…

~~self-defeating habits of the mind (the five kleshas, or afflictions — ignorance, pride, desire, aversion, fear of death) can be overcome with yoga…the asana give us a chance to see the problems in action and to apply the principles of yoga to overcome them

Things making me happy today: relaxing breakfast, watching some of The Mockingjay, painted toenails :), getting dressed up for the wedding, beautiful wedding ceremony, sangria



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