July Vacation {Day EIGHT}

Friday, July 28, 2017

The last FULL day of vacation 😦

This vacation has truly been one of our best yet though!!!

And it was another really, really nice day.

It started with breakfast out…another new place…Main Street Grille.  Another hole in the wall diner…we both got the same…veggie omelette (onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, American cheese) with home fries and toast (white for me, rye for Kimm).  And coffee…OF COURSE 🙂  We agreed that the quality of the omelette was very close to the one we had at On the Hill.  The home fries were definitely better (not that fake grill butter taste).  I wish I could have substituted pancakes for my toast though!!!  But all in all, a really good (and really filling!) breakfast.

Back home for the usual…resting our stomachs and just relaxing.  I froze a bag of blueberries in the meantime!

After we were feeling less stuffed, we headed out to a wine tasting in Northampton, MA — Mineral Hills Winery (we had gone last year as well, but we LOVE their wine).  The day was absolutely gorgeous…not humid, breezy, sunny.  A PERFECT day for a drive.

We did our tasting (and buying…we ended up getting four bottles, and this really cute sign — “Our book club can drink your book club under the table” — we both laughed so hard at that one because whenever we have book club we are always drinking wine…it was the perfect sign to get and show our friend who is in book club with us! — we also bought two magnets — “Wine is like duct tape…it fixes everything!” — one for us and one for our friend from book club — we just thought it was so cute and RIGHT).

On the way home, we were able to cross another ice cream place off our list.  Sheldon’s Ice Cream in Southampton.  The flavors we tried — Kimm — Peanut Butter Oreo, Kaye — Boston Blackout (chocolate ice cream with fudge swirl and brownie bits).  We both got ours in a sugar cone but Kimm’s cone broke so she ended up eating hers in a dish…which getting it into the dish was quite the task since there was a hornet buzzing around so there I was the fool running around holding the cup while Kimm’s ice cream practically fell on the ground…but thankfully we got it in the cup just in time!  Kimm thought her ice cream was really good and from the taste I had I thought so too.  However, I thought my flavor was just fair…the fudge swirl and brownie bits were good, but the actual chocolate ice cream was just not very flavorful…but I did enjoy the cone!

As we headed back home, while we were driving through Holyoke, we checked out very briefly Ashley Reservoir…a natural area that a lot of people from work tend to go to after work to walk/run.  It looked pretty nice and we both agreed that we would come back and check it out when we had better walking shoes on (flip flops were NOT going to do it!)

After getting home and relaxing a bit again, we headed out for dinner at our old favorite…El Forestero.  Veggie quesadillas for the win!  SO SO GOOD.  And thankfully the guacamole was perfect this time as well.

Even though it was kind of later when we got home, we still decided to get out for a last drive, although it would be short.  And I’m SO GLAD we did because we saw the most awesome sunset…bright pinks and purples…absolutely gorgeous.

We ended the night with watching a White Collar and eating some of our blueberry ice cream 🙂

Like I said, a perfect day!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 209)…

~~desire is the wish for things to be not as they are

~~dwelling in the real, individuals who accomplish greet deeds demonstrate what IS possible

~~as we accept and connect with postures that are hard for us, we find the understanding that leads to mastery

Things making me happy today: trying a new diner, beautiful scenic drive, book club wine sign, El Forestero — SO GOOD, reflecting on our great vacation, stunning sunset 🙂


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