Back to work.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

WOW…only one more day left of this month…CRAZY!!

Well, my first night back at work was not too bad…yay!!  Minimal staffing issues, no CERT calls, no CODES, and I was able to catch up on my email/time card stuff.  I also got to see who else was nominated for the hospital ACE awards…during vacation I found out that I had been nominated in the Best Leader category!  Wow…the OR nurse manager, myself, and some other person I have never heard of were nominated.  I am very honored actually 🙂

I did get a little tired about 5:30 am because I hadn’t really slept before going in to work yesterday, but after a No-Doze and some gum, I made it through the rest of the shift until I was able to come home and CRASH!

Kimm’s plans for the day…the LAWN.  With vacation, it had gotten quite long so she knew it was going to be QUITE the job.

I slept good until about 1:30 pm (so about 4 solid hours of sleep) and then I just kept tossing and turning, not sleeping.  So when Kimm came in after her shower I got up and we did dinner 🙂

It was yummy…roasted asparagus, salad, leftover Five Cheese Ziti from Olive Garden.  We ate at the dining room table and just chatted about our days…it was just NICE.

Kimm told me that the lawn was terrible…she had to use the bagger because it was so long and of course that makes the mower even heavier and it took her about 3 hours!!!  But now it looks great.  I caught her up on all the gossip at the hospital 🙂

After our dinner chores, we went out to look at the flowers and garden, something else we had neglected on vacation…I weeded a bunch around the flower…I worked up a sweat!!

And now we are in the middle of porch time.  All that is left is to shower, watch a show, and maybe get a cat nap in before heading back to work.  Tonight is day 2 of 3.  Maybe, maybe I will get in a quick yoga…I REALLY SHOULD!  We shall see if it actually happens.

Here’s hoping that tonight will be another easy night…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 211)…

~~have courage to do the right thing, regardless of what others think…expend less emotional energy worrying about what others think of you

~~as our practice matures, we begin to realize that strong emotional response merely cloud the mind and exhaust the body…through clear seeing, we come to understand the roots of these responses and learn to let them go…pride, fear, and desire slowly fade

Things making me happy today: an easy first night back at work, being nominated for an ACE award, fresh vegetables — asparagus and salad, weeding the flowers, porch time with the FAN 🙂


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