Another pretty good night…

Monday, July 31, 2017

Here we are…the last day of the month!  Where is the summer going??

Last night at work was pretty easy.  No major issues 🙂  I even learned how to do a new braid because someone was braiding hair on IMC…the fishtail braid, which I LOVE the look of!

I did get a little tired because I had slept pretty poorly during the day, but I made it through with my No-Doze and gum chewing!!

I stopped at Stop and Shop after work to get some fresh buns because we were grilling out for dinner!!

Then it was home and directly to bed.

I slept a LITTLE better than yesterday.  I was up after three hours and then slept on and off for a couple more.  SIGH.  Not sure why I’m not just sleeping through anymore.

Kimm did quite a bit of laundry today…two LARGE loads.  The after effects of vacation.

Dinner was veggie heavy…which was fine by me.  Our salads were so good from yesterday that we had another one, then I sauteed our first green beans of the season in a little olive oil with some garlic, also veggie kebobs and veggie burgers.  YUMM!!  I was full after that.

Lots of dishes and then I checked on the stuff outside.  VERY buggy out…I think I got three bug bites right away.  Our petunias are still not looking great.  ??? I was able to pick our VERY FIRST zucchini!!!!!  Can’t wait to eat that 🙂

Now about to do some yoga, then shower, then a show before my last night of work.

Very humid today…glad for the AC!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 212)…

~~in the beginning we desire the fruits of a good practice, we are afraid of looking foolish

~~desire and aversion stimulate us to work hard…but eventually we experience neither desire nor aversion, we just practice

Things making me happy today: sleeping a little better!,  learning to fishtail braid, veggie heavy dinner (first green beans of the season!!), picked a zucchini!!!!, one night left of work!


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