Lazy day…

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A completely lazy day.  Feel kind of blah today, so it was a good day to just do nothing.

I think it all started when I could NOT sleep.  Up by 6 am…out in the office to read so that I would not wake Kimm up.  SIGH.


Kimm had an appointment for her arm today (it has been swollen and sore for quite a while…x-rays were done and she has an appointment with an orthopedic doctor…fingers crossed they will figure out what is going on soon).  While Kimm was gone, I watched some of Part 2 of The Mockingjay.  I’ve been working on finishing that movie for quite a while now.

Lunch was simple Kraft Mac and Cheese.  And then I was able to take a nice long relaxing nap.  It felt so nice.  And after that I was finally able to finish watching my movie!

Dinner was pizza out…we just didn’t feel like cooking.  It was yummy and….minimal dishes!!

Now I’m writing my blog, taking a shower, and hoping for a good nap before going in for work.  Three on.  I hope they go by fast.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 227)…

~~asana helps us to see the body as a whole…integrated and balanced

~~begin to see your practice as aiming for this integration and balance

Things making me happy today: finishing watching The Mockingjay, nap after lunch — so nice and relaxing, getting pizza outu — not many dishes!

Book Club: Behind Closed Doors

Monday, August 15, 2017

Book Club day!!!!

We were able to sleep in (!!!…thank you Izzy) and then after breakfast I got going on the snacks we were bringing to book club…homemade strawberry ice cream and taco dip!

Once that was all done, we got a urine sample from Izzy and headed out to drop it off at the vet (unfortunately we were not able to get a urine sample from Charlie even though he was locked in the bathroom all morning with the fake litter…nope, he was too smart for that…he just sat in there and stared and stared at the litter!).  Other errands of the morning…getting new leashes for Izzy and stopping at Stop and Shop for a few things (cones and chips for book club).

Home and we were on the go again…getting ready…I showered, then painted my toenails…then Kimm showered while I got the taco dip assembled.

And then we were off…to Enfield, CT….the hostess of book club has a super cute new house!  It was a good time — good food (sangria, Caesar Salad, fruit with cream cheese dip, taco dip) and good discussion (we all agreed the book was good, but just hard to believe that something like that could happen and most likely does happen to women all the time).  Our next book will be The Glass Castle…I’m excited to start reading it.

We got home and had to have a little snack while watching a show, visiting with all our animals, and letting the AC cool the bedroom.  Kimm was having some bad luck though….she spilled cheese on her shirt and had to stop and wash that out….argh!!!!  Hate when stuff like that happens.

I was glad to head to bed when we did…I was TIRED.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 226)…

~~prana is life energy

~~asana builds life energy because it forces us to act as a coordinated whole….it unblocks blocked life force

~~mind, body, spirit must work together…observe the experience of residing in a posture as an integrated whole…MIND, BODY, SPIRIT

Things making me happy today: making food from scratch (taco dip and strawberry ice cream), Book Club — good food and conversation, down to earth people!

Love those country drives…

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Made it through my two days on!

Slept and then dinner — veg burgers and a salad — simple and easy.

We fit in a quick walk with Izzy because we were going to be heading out for a drive…she was SO excited to go 🙂  Love seeing her look so happy about a walk!  We both had a sweat sheen once we were done…nothing the wind blowing through the car couldn’t take care of!

We drove out our normal way at first…through Connecticut, but as the drive progressed, we ended up in Westfield…we haven’t driven there very much…it was nice…just LOVE the wide open country spaces.

We were able to stop for ice cream at a new place…Northside Creamery…homemade hard ice cream…we both got Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie and it was GOOD!  The best we have had in a while 🙂

Home in time to turn on the AC for the bedroom and watch a show before bed…so happy to have tonight off 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 225)…

~~on the mat you can deconstruct your physical, mental and spiritual fear

~~and in the absence of fear you will become filled with love

Things making me happy today: first night off, easy dinner — veg burger and salad, seeing how excited Izzy is for her walk, country drive, good ice cream — Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie

Izzy gets a walk!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

HOW can it already be August 12??  This month is going by WAY TOO FAST!!

Work was okay last night.  Busy especially at the end and I had to stay for an hour extra to get everything done.  So glad to leave.

I slept okay, but LOTS of strange dreams and I must have shut my alarm off at some point because I woke up suddenly and it was 4:40 pm whereas my alarm is set for 4:30 pm…and it was off.  Not sure how that happened!

A good, veggie-filled dinner — cheesy pasta with green beans and yellow squash.  SO GOOD.  We had a peach which was fair.  And then had to chase it down with an ice cream cone 🙂

I actually got my butt off the couch after dinner and got Izzy on a walk!!!!  It seemed a little nicer than normal and just seeing how much Izzy has been cooped up because of the humidity and heat lately and knowing how she is getting OLDER…just made me want to get her on a walk.  She LOVED it of course 🙂  If only we didn’t run into weird neighbors!!!

Dishes, shower, and now blog.  I think I will get to close my eyes for about 15 mins before heading out the door.

But…only ONE MORE ON!!

Plan for tomorrow night…a drive and some ice cream out??!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 224)…

~~learn to be AT HOME in the asana….enter a posture, relax, breathe, explore…make yourself AT HOME

~~this helps us to become rooted in oneness, in the idea that we are all love, and love is all there is…

Things making me happy today: a veggie heavy dinner with green beans and yellow squash, finally getting Izzy on a walk again!, only one more night on!

More shopping…

Friday, August 11, 2017

Whew.  What a fast two days off.

Up this morning after 8 am.  Kimm actually slept well for once 🙂

Getting those animals fed, then us.  But disaster!!!  The cream was bad!!!!  Cannot not have coffee…so upstairs to get dressed, a quick trip in the car, and then back home with cream from the gas station on the corner…disaster AVERTED!!!  Breakfast fair because we were trying different English muffins from Aldi…they are not a good substitute…will need to stick with Thomas’!!!

Then a quick trip to Price Rite to get some of those English muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast, as well as some other essentials.  CRAZY busy.  UGH.  So glad to get out of there.

Unpacked and headed back out…wanted to check Bob’s for shoes, and the Kohl’s in Enfield for clothes, toaster, pots/pans.

Neither of us had luck at Bob’s.  Kimm made out at Kohl’s today…two new t-shirts.  Nothing for me.  SIGH.

Then one more stop at Famous Footwear.  Nothing for me, two pairs of shoes for Kimm (she was looking for a pair to mow the lawn in and liked the ones she tried on so much, she got one just for non-mowing!)

Finally back home to EAT (really, really hungry!).  Veggie burgers, salad, and ice cream 🙂

Now dishes and shower and nap before work…Only TWO on.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 223)…

~~your practice can give you the ability to experience life with a quiet mind

~~when your mind is quiet it can see the spirit in everything

~~practice in order to perceive the UNITY of the all-encompassing spirit

Things making me happy today: fresh homemade strawberry jelly, seeing Kimm get a good deal on clothes she likes!, salads, avocado, ice cream!


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Finally a full day off!!!!

I slept wonderful 🙂  I just wish that Kimm had…apparently while I was getting all the zzzz’s she was tossing and turning and then tossing and turning some more.

But we were up with Izzy and ready to dig into breakfast!  Egg bagels with cream cheese…but I was so bummed!  I think our toaster is on the fritz…it didn’t really toast the bagels well even though they LOOKED toasted….more chewy which is NOT what I was going for…oh well, at least they tasted good…so now we are on the lookout for a new toaster as well.

Our big plan for today — the vet and shopping!

First of all, the vet.  It was time for the cats yearly visit.  Turns out when we got there we found out that we had been scheduled with the new female vet that our male vet has brought into the office.  We liked her!  She was nice, informative, and quick…all things we like.  So the cats…both Charlie and Madeline have lost weight.  We told her how Charlie does not like his special food and she gave us some samples of a different kind that a lot of cats like supposedly.  We will try it out.  Hopefully Charlie will like it as it is cheaper!  She also suggested getting a urine sample for him since we also told her that he had peed outside the litter box twice in the last month.  So we are going to get that as soon as we can…takes a little planning as we have to separate the cats for a while to make sure he is the one peeing in the fake litter!  We will work on that!  Madeline’s teeth are worse than last year (which we figured).  She mentioned maybe considering getting them cleaned and removing a few of the bad ones.  We got an estimate but I think we are both on the same page…as long as she still eats and doesn’t look to be in pain, we’ll probably bypass that because of her age.  We left the office paying about $100.  We also changed our appointment with Izzy next month to be with her!  One other thing that I REALLY liked about her was that she answered my questions about Izzy even though we were not there for her appointment (I asked about getting a urine sample from her while she is still on her antibiotics for the UTI to ensure that the antibiotics are working…to determine if she would need to be on them longer…she did recommend getting a urine sample right towards the end of her antibiotics…when there are 3 days left…so we will be getting that on Monday and dropping it off at the vet).

A quick break home for lunch … fried egg sandwiches…something quick and easy.

And then for the SHOPPING!!!  We had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s so that means…GO TO KOHL’S!  And thankfully we both were able to find some stuff!  Me — 3 sweatshirts — 1 for work, 2 lightweight ones for spring/fall, a plaid button up, 2 long sleeve tees for fall, and a pair of Nike’s.   Kimm — 2 lightweight sweatshirts and some t-shirts.

We finished the night off with getting Bueno Y Sano — tacos (which we felt were really more like burritos without the rice!).  They were okay, but we would definitely spring for the burritos in the future.

Followed by some ice cream!


Meditations from the Mat (Day 222)…

~~”Mature in yoga, impartial everywhere that he looks, he sees himself in all beings and all beings in himself” — Bhagavad Gita

~~yoga encourages us to connect to what is real and what is real is LOVE

Things making me happy today: a FULL day off!!!, breakfast, coffee :), shopping and actually finding stuff I like, eating ice cream sitting on the couch all comfy!

Finally off!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Done with covering for vacations!!  (for a little bit anyways…)

Now TWO days off!!!

First day starts now…

I slept well, but of course never feels like long enough.

Homemade pizza for dinner 🙂

Followed by a drive!  We even got to stop for ice cream…at The Collin’s Creamery in Enfield, CT.  In my opinion, the ice cream was fair…but I do want to give them another chance.   I think maybe I just choose the wrong flavors!  (I had Butter Crunch…which didn’t have any crunch!, and Peanut Butter Cup…with was chocolate based, not very peanut-buttery, very few peanut butter cups and the ones I had just tasted not like the Reese’s I am used to!).  Plus I had a waffle cone that was NOT homemade (didn’t know this at first so my fault).  But it was ice cream!

Home and I was exhausted!  We were going to watch a show but I pretty much fell asleep on the couch so that was a no go.  The best part of the night will be heading up to sleep in my own bed at night time to try to catch up on lost sleep!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 221)…

~~”You can’t think about presence, and the mind can’t understand it.  Understanding presence is being present.” — Eckhart Tolle

~~don’t feel that you have to UNDERSTAND your practice…trust your practice…just go there and TRUST the process

Things making me happy today: made it through my days on!!!, homemade pizza, going for a drive, trying a new ice cream place, going to bed at night!

One more…

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Only ONE more night on…thank goodness.  Then back to regular shifts until I have to help cover for the next vacation!  I brought home eggs from work…one of the respiratory therapists raises chickens and her daughter collects the eggs…I got a dozen for only $3.  Yay for eggs from happy chickens 🙂  They are so pretty…light blue, light peach, light cream.  Nature’s Easter eggs!  Can’t wait to try them!

After discussing the night with Kimm I headed off to bed…AND I slept pretty good!  Taco salads for dinner (with tomatoes from our OWN garden…always taste SO good!)

Now we are watching Criminal Minds because we are done with White Collar.  So far not too bad.

I finished my book today…Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain…it was GOOD.  I just wanted to keep reading and reading.  Not bad for a free book!

Now I’m blogging before work.  Then out the door…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 220)…

~~asana can be an answer to the difficulty of our times…yoga reminds us that if we have our soul, we have everything…and yoga connects us to our soul

~~our practice reminds us that we ALREADY HAVE everything we need…amidst the unspeakable sorrows and injustices of the material world, we find the endless brilliance of the spirit

~~our practice is a radiant light in the dark night

Things making me happy today: buying local eggs, talking over my night with Kimm, taco salad with tomatoes from our garden, finishing a really good book, only one more night!

Upping the meds.

Monday, August 7, 2017

One week into the new month…time is FLYING.

Work was busy but okay.  I was glad to leave since I was so tired.  I was able to chat a bit with Mom on the way home 🙂  They are heading out to the campsite today…lucky!

I headed right to bed after some blueberries and a spoonful of peanut butter.  The skies were overcast and rain was on the forecast.

I slept WELL (I think because I took my Melatonin).

When I got up, Kimm filled me in…she had called about Izzy because we’ve noticed that she seems to have some more urgency (and she’s had two accidents in the house) since being on the antibiotics.  Kimm got a little run around from the vet at the ER because she said that the urine culture showed that the bacteria in her urine should respond to the Clavamox she is on…but Kimm advocated HARD for our dog and the vet finally said she would add a second antibiotic (Enrofloxacin).  We are REALLY hoping that this will relieve these symptoms.  The vet also said that if these two meds do not help, Izzy will have to see a specialist because at that point it will be a complicated UTI (versus an uncomplicated UTI).  SIGH.  FINGERS CROSSED that this will do the trick.

Chicken parm for dinner with green beans (from our OWN garden!) on the side.  Yummy.  All while watching the VERY LAST White Collar (sad face).  We were even able to get some ice cream in at the end…the good stuff (Ben and Jerry’s — I had the Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch…one of my faves!).  I thought the show ended really well…you can’t say that about too many shows…really stuck with the vibe of the show and wrapped up all the loose ends 🙂  Definitely will be watching that one again.

Then dishes, now a shower, and I’m heading back for a nap.  Wiped out.  Rained a bunch today.

Only two more days of work and then back to normal scheduling.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 219)…

~~success in asana requires stamina

~~you may forget this when you are not working hard art your practice, and see this when you are working hard 

~~in posture after posture, you will be able to endure past the initial difficulty…the pain will soften, the training of your mind kicks in…relax, breathe, enter the dance of the asana…mind, body and breath

~~be in love with the moment, the opportunity, the posture

~~it requires strength — physical and mental — but it will be worth it — you will feel life in every cell of your body

Things making me happy today: slept good!, chicken parm, Izzy on a second ABX, ice cream while watching the LAST White Collar (Great Ending!!), napping before work

Trying Aldi for the first time…

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The rest of my day off is today.

I slept pretty good initially, but then woke up around 7 am and was tossing and turning after that.  But thankfully our dog did not pester to get up until 9 am!  Yay for sleeping in.

Breakfast was so nice…I LOVE having breakfast and reading in the morning.  English muffin with peanut butter and homemade blueberry jelly!  Coffee of course.  I started a new book…Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain…this is the book I got free during vacation at the library.

We were dressed by 11 am because our neighbor was coming over to take out all the weeds/bushes/vines in the back corner of the house (as well as trim up some tree branches).  Once this area is cleared out, we will plant grass seed and get some quotes for a shed!  We are paying him $100.  So far he is still working on it…close to 3 pm.

While he was starting with that I headed out for some groceries and I decided to hit up Aldi to try it out to see what food they offered and how the prices were (everyone always says the prices are good).

For the first time I liked it.  Some of the prices were excellent…avocados for 69 cents each!!!, tortilla chips for 1.19, 4 pack of veggie burgers for 2.49, 8 oz mushrooms 99 cents, 4 cups mozz cheese for 2.29!!! Lots more good deals too.  The one thing that I think I disliked the most was not being able to pick out my own produce … everything was in bulk and you could not take less.  But besides that…I liked it and will probably go again, maybe not every week, but at least once a month or maybe twice a month.  Anything to save money on groceries is a win in my book.

When I got back we ate lunch…mini cheese pizzas and chips and dip.

And now I am trying to catch up on all my blogging before heading back to work tonight.  Our plans are to grill out for dinner.  And Kimm wants to mow today too because the weather is so nice.  I hope she will be able to fit it in because she won’t be able to start until after our neighbor finishes with the work in the corner.

I’m in for work at 10 pm.  On for three and then I’ll be off for two.  This is the last stretch of covering for my co-worker’s vacation.  Back to normal after that!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 218)…

~~”If your eyes and ears are open, you will see the windows of opportunity open around you.” — Cherie Carter-Scott

~~as the months turn into years, we realize that our practice is a long unfolding, an opening into promise

~~we learn to stand easy, firm, and relaxed, and our problems become the open windows of opportunity

Things  making me happy today: breakfast, sleeping in, checking out Aldi’s for the first time, a beautiful, sunny, breezy, non-humid day, grilling out, no plans