That extra day makes all the difference!

Sunday, August 27th to Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

I’m SO happy I had that extra day off this week.  I NEEDED it.  Sometimes just that ONE extra day makes ALL the difference.

Of course during my days off I mostly felt exhausted….but today, the LAST day, I finally feel like I have some energy!!!

So what happened on my days off…

****Kimm FINALLY got her Lawson tattoo!!!!!!  Sunday, after I slept for a short little nap, we headed into Northampton, to Night Owl Tattoo, to get it done.  It took a little over FOUR hours!!!!  The end product is AMAZING.  When we both saw the initial drawing that the artist had done, I think we were both a little shocked, because I don’t think it matched what EITHER of us were thinking….but we trusted the artist’s vision and it turned out SO SO WONDERFUL.  It really is a true liking of Lawson 🙂  Now Kimm can have her favorite goat with her forever!!!!  It was posted on the Goats of Anarchy Instagram page when we left the place and by the time we got home there were already over 3,000 “likes” — by now I think there are over “12,000” likes.  Kimm’s arm is famous 🙂

~~pizza out after the tattoo because we were exhausted…it was nice to just sit and eat and not worry about cooking something

~~we’ve wrapped that tattoo multiple times in saran wrap!!  That is the new thing now…instead of putting lotion on it right away, wrapping it in saran wrap is supposed to prevent it from scabbing up.  We shall see….Kimm is going to be SO GLAD tomorrow morning when she doesn’t have to have it wrapped anymore!

~~I finally had a chance to catch up with my parents…this month FLEW by and so it was just so nice to hear their voices on the phone 🙂

~~I made chocolate chip zucchini bread…using Grandma Van’s recipe…I always feel SO close to my parents when I do this….just because we always used to have it at home 🙂  It was SO GOOD!!!!

~~we were able to sit on the porch on Monday night…so nice with it being so much cooler outside.  In fact, I was REALLY cold (surprise, surprise!!)  But I LOVED listening to all the night sounds out there…

~~lots of reading!!

~~loving my breakfasts!!! (especially the waffles and the coffee!!)

~~we got a good portion of our August finance meeting done…we’ll just have to finish up on Saturday…I still can’t believe HOW FAST THIS MONTH has gone!!

~~we are getting grinders out tonight before I head back to work!



Meditations from the Mat…

(Day 239)…

~~there is no “perfect” time to practice…you have to figure out WHEN is the best time for you to fit your practice in

(Day 240)…

~~”Sometimes more is more.” — Baron Baptiste

~~when you have the time and energy…try to do TWO practices a day

~~use the morning one to wake up slowly and prepare your mind and body for the day…use the evening one to go long and deep

(Day 241)…

~~”I think it’s important not to overlook the joy of the journey due to an excess of goal orientation.” — Lama Surya Das

~~each day on the mat is a small miracle

(Day 242)…

~~spend some quiet time each day pondering the past or the future…get a sense of your internal state…

~~remember our emotional lives are held captive to the endless soap operas produced by our vivid imaginations….the practices of yoga are aimed at ending this bondage to an imagined reality

~~spend time being connected to something you love…something in the REAL….however you feel about that, you can TRUST that those feelings are based on reality…anchored in the real we can evolve and grow


Things making me happy today:

Sun, 8/27: being done with my stretch of days on, seeing Kimm SO happy with her new Lawson tattoo!!!, pizza and fries while watching our show

Mon, 8/28: talking with my parents, making chocolate chip zucchini bread (with zucchini from our OWN garden!), porch time, the sounds of the night

Tues, 8/29: a holiday day from work = 3 days off!!, reading the Harry Potter series again, LAZY days, homemade pizza, butter crunch ice cream in a waffle cone

Wed, 8/30: finally feeling less tired on my days off!, waffles, coffee, watching Harry Potter movie (#1), finance meeting done, grinders out!


Only two on is great.

Friday, 8/25 and Saturday, 8/26

Love my mornings when I get some breakfast, coffee and reading 🙂

Afternoon — TARGET run.  We were there a couple of hours for the basics and also to look around at the clothes.  Both of us were able to pick up a few possibilities for the fall….we’ll just have to see how we feel about everything when we get the stuff home and try it on again 🙂

I LOVE it when I only have two days on!!  So much better than the usual three days on!

Work was not too bad, although staffing was light both days so there was lots of asking people to stay overtime and calling people to come in — gets to be exhausting when it happens over and over.

Now THREE OFF!!!!!


Meditations from the Mat…

(Day 237)…

~~”The effect of asana is to put an end to the dualities or differentiation between the body and mind, mind and soul.” — B.K.S. Iyengar

~~the yoga sutras tell us that the asana deconstruct the disconnection we feel from ourselves, God and one another

~~there is an unmistakable, potent energy at work in a yoga class, a roomful of people practicing together…as we breathe into a posture, steady and relaxed, with our attention embracing the totality of our experience, we are awaking the understanding that we are all one

(Day 238)…

~~you arrive back at the mat day in and day out, and yet you’re not the same person you were the last time you were on the mat

~~consciousness is like a person on a riverbank and life is like the river, flowing endlessly by, forever re-creating itself, forever reinventing itself…our asana practice provides us with a steady place from with to observe the river and the vision to see it as it is

~~each new physical reality on the mat gives birth to a corresponding psychological and spiritual possibility, endlessly re-creating ourselves, endlessly reinventing ourselves


Things making me happy today: 

Fri, 8/25: Target (new fall clothes), grilled cheese, grilling out, beautiful day — sunny, breezy, not humid, napping before work

Sat, 8/26: coffee break at work, crawling into bed after a long night on, “chicken” alfredo, cool fall nights, only one more night on!!

Work Flow

Tuesday, August 22 through Thursday, August 24, 2017

Three days on.

And all three were not too bad as far as work goes.

Work stuff — I found out that I can sign up for the online ACLS for $132 and then do the one day re-cert.  Yay!  I mean I still will have to pay that online fee (I guess that is the price I pay for forgetting about my ACLS).  But soon (by the end of the year) I will be ACLS certified again.  I will not forget to put that on my calendar for 2 years in the future!  Also got my ACE day photos done…I did it after work on Thursday morning.  I felt a little self-conscious having SO MANY pictures taken.  I REALLY hope that they turn out okay…it’s always hit or miss when someone else takes your photos and then chooses which ones to use.  Oh well, there is nothing I can do about that now.  We are getting a meeting set up with all of us supervisors to meet with the new Director of Nursing (I think it will be this next week).  I am interested to see how that goes.  I got an extra two hours of pay this week because I went in early on Thursday night.

Home stuff — Kimm got her appointment set up for her Lawson tattoo!!!!  (Sunday at 1:30 pm…it’s probably going to take a good four hours!)  I can’t wait to see how that turns out.  We were able to grill out on Thursday night…the weather this week has been incredible!!!  No humidity.  Sunny and breezy.  I tried a new veggie burger that I had gotten at Aldi and I really liked it.  Tasty and cheaper, you can’t go wrong there!  We went for a drive Thursday night as well…a beautiful road in CT….lots of open land, cute houses…love those nights.  Ended the night with ice cream from Scoops with Kimm’s mom…we picked her up and she LOVED the treat.  It was nice being able to do that!  Short amount of porch time the other night…love that we will be able to do that more often now that the weather is nicer.  We are hoping to get some peaches from the orchard soon…for eating and for making jelly…we are still loving our strawberry and blueberry jellies!  And still no weighing in or counting calories…loving it (although I am considering weighing in ONCE a month at the beginning of the month for accountability).  We need to start planning out September vacation!!!!


Meditations from the Mat…

(Day 234)…

~~the body is a single organism, enveloped from head to toe by fascia, pliable bands of connective tissue that separate or bind together our muscles, organs and other soft structures

~~steady and relaxed, we breathe into the WHOLE

(Day 235)…

~~within each of us is the ability to spiral into a posture

~~the blueprint for this movement is in the spiral line — a continuous line of connective tissue that begins at the arch of the foot, runs up the front of the leg, and travels once around the body, ascending as it goes, coming to rest at the base of the skull behind the ear, on the same side as the arch from which it came…there is a corresponding line that begins at the opposite arch and spirals up to the ear on that side

~~we experience these lines in the TWISTING postures

(Day 236)…

~~yoga is asking us to pay attention to the nature of all our relationships and to apply the yamas and the niyamas to them

~~the aim of yogic practice is to free us from the endless distractions of the kleshas (fear, pride, desire, and ignorance) and to teach usto bring a focused mind to bear on the nature of our relationships


Things making me happy today:

8/22 (Tues) — finally feeling better after this summer cold, hot shower, nap before work, tacos/brown rice/ice cream cone!

8/23 (Wed) — knowing I only have one more day of work before a day off!, small amount of porch time :), homemade pizza, a good hair day

8/24 (Thurs) — making it through my long shift, ACE photos done, OFF!!, grill out — good tasting new veg burger/yellow squash!!!, beautiful ride, Scoops ice cream with Kimm’s mom…yumm!!!

An extra day off…and I’m SICK!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Today WAS going to be the day that I had hoped to get to the beach…but I so can’t…not when I’m sick 😦

So even though I had an extra day off (YAY for three day stretches off!!) I feel like I didn’t get to properly enjoy it because I’ve been sick with a head cold the ENTIRE TIME!!!! I blame SOMEBODY at work!!!

Oh well, I really haven’t been sick for QUITE a while, so I guess I was due.  It just HAD to come when I had this extra day off!  Good thing that I have another three days off in another week.  I can also be SO grateful that it did not happen when I was on vacation!!!

So here’s a run down of what happened on my three days off…

~~Friday after work I stopped by the Blood Donation Center to see if I would be eligible to give blood…figured it wouldn’t hurt to try…and I WAS ABLE TO!!!!! (my hemoglobin was 12.7…needed to be 12.5)

~~the rest of Friday was basically just relaxing because that was when I was STARTING to feel sick (a sore throat)….so we had cheesy pasta and a salad (so good) and settled in for some Netflix (Criminal Minds…so good!)

~~Saturday morning was relaxing (breakfast and reading…I finished “The Help” — I was re-reading it…still one of my favorite books!, and started “Thirteen Reasons Why” — next book club book!)

~~we hit up Barnes and Noble Saturday afternoon…even thought I wasn’t feeling the best, I wanted to do SOMETHING besides just sit at home! — it was fun, but our cafe experience was just not that great — they had discontinued the S’mores frappacino and there was no other good one listed, so we both went with iced coffees which were fair (I think I enjoyed mine more than Kimm because my throat was so sore…but the worst part was that they don’t add the cream or sugar in and so you have to add sugar to COLD coffee…well you know what happens with that…all the sugar sinks to the bottom!!!…Kimm was so MAD!…and to make matters worse, they did not have our beloved sugar cookies…Kimm got Peanut Butter, I got Triple Chocolate….but they were both just FAIR…we both agreed that if they don’t have the sugar ones in the future we will just HOLD OFF!)

~~after leaving Barnes and Noble we were HANGRY so we ordered grinders and fries out…and they were PERFECT for once…really hit the spot…we ate while watching Criminal Minds (a good ending to the night!)

~~Sunday morning was not as relaxed, only because we needed to get going for Drag Brunch…and of course I had slept “so, so” — only because I could not breathe while lying flat…so all night long I was sleeping on an incline…doesn’t make for the best sleeping!

~~Drag Brunch was fun!  Good food, good entertainment

~~we ordered out pizza and fries for Sunday night and finished watching the newest season of Criminal Minds (of course it ended with a cliff hanger!!!)

~~we started a new show before bed — Person of Interest (Kimm has watched before and liked so we are trying it…first episode was not too bad)

~~again slept “so, so” because of not being able to breathe while lying flat!

~~waffles for breakfast…yumm!! (oh yeah, and forgot to mention we got a NEW toaster because our other one was not working that well…it wouldn’t toast properly after one time down…our new one is RED!  LOVE !!)

~~I’m sure the rest of the day will be pretty low-key…reading, eating meals, hopefully a nap before I head back to work…I’m starting a rougher stretch…UGH (three on, one off, two on, but then THREE OFF!)…by the time I’m done with work this week, my cold SHOULD BE done…of course Kimm is now starting to feel sick so I feel awful about that…SIGH…summer colds are the WORST!!

~~today is also the solar eclipse…we shall see if I remember to watch!!!


Meditations from the Mat…

(Day 230)…

~~include sun salutations in your warm up — this alternates between opening up our superficial front line (upward dog) and opening up our superficial back line (downward dog)

~~CONNECT to the sweep of these long lines your body…allow your body to OPEN

(Day 231)…

~~downward facing dog — opens the superficial back line, upward facing dog — opens the superficial front line — the front line and the back line also serve to bring our attention to all that is in front of us and all that is behind us…

~~the back must be strong in order for the front to open, the front must be strong in order for the back to open

(Day 232)…

~~the deep front line (upward facing dog) is the place in our physiology in which the aspect we have control over (the muscular-skeletal system) connects to the aspect we do not have control over (the internal organs)

~~while gravity shortens and compresses the deep front line, back bends open it

~~use the asana of back bends to free, ease and lengthen this line

(Day 233)…

~~connective tissue favors mobility

~~instead of focusing on gaining strength or flexibility in your postures, aim for STABILITY instead…the demands of stability will create strength and the peace of stability will encourage surrender


Things making me happy:

Friday, 8/18 — done with my three stretch on!!, being able to give blood again finally, a relaxing evening (as I feel I am getting sick…), simple delicious dinner (cheesy pasta/salad)

Saturday, 8/19 — breakfast and reading, a long hot shower when I’m feeling sick, a B&N trip!, grinders out, watching Criminal Minds, having off!!

Sunday, 8/20 — a good Drag Brunch, pizza/fries out, reading a good book (13 Reasons Why), putting stuff away off the kitchen counter!!!

Monday, 8/21 — waffles for breakfast (have not had in forever!), NOT weighing in on a Monday, relaxing morning, not feeling rushed…



Ice cream for dinner!

Thursday, August 17, 2017



ICE CREAM!! (for dinner!!)

Kimm and I made the drive to Grassroots in Granby, MA to meet up with a close friend of hers for some ice cream (it was a mid-way trip for both of us).  It had been a YEAR since we had seen her and her family (husband and two ADORABLE little girls).

We munched on ice cream and talked…and it was SO NICE.  Nothing elaborate…just simple…and sometimes that is all you need 🙂

My ice cream — German Chocolate Cake (SO GOOD), and Coffee Oreo (also good, but not as good as the German Chocolate Cake!)

Kimm’s ice cream — Peanut Butter Oreo (she loved it and the taste I had of it was yummy)

Home afterwards and time for my shower and a show before work…last one on!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 229)…

~~connective tissue expands and contracts…in asana we work to expand the connective tissue

~~the progressive nature of this lengthening and expanding process over time explains why such amazing feats of flexibility are possible and why no amount of stiffness is reason for despair

~~experience your practice at the level of your connective tissue … feel how much looser and more comfortable your body feels after the asana

Things making me happy today: meeting up with Kimm’s friend and her family for a visit, yummy ice cream with interesting flavors!, popcorn and Criminal Minds before work

No more weighing in for a while.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I decided last night at work that I was not going to weigh in for a while.  I think I have been heading this way for a while, but weighing in after book club and seeing a huge jump up in the scale that I KNEW could not be right, but my mind could not ERASE, kind of did it for me.

I don’t want my ENTIRE life dependent on that DAMN scale.

I also decided that I would stop counting calories and the number of cups of water I was drinking each day.  I am just SICK and TIRED of inputting all that information.  I KNOW now what is a good amount to eat.  I have to TRUST what I know.

So that is all for today.

It felt completely FREEING not to have to weigh in.  And that made me smile 🙂

Only one more day of work…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 228)…

~~the body is shaped and contained by an all-encompassing web of connective tissue…it is the substance  that gives shape to the spaces within the body…

~~experience the long, integrated lines of connective tissue running through the length of your body with the SWEEP and SWIRL of asana

~~the role of the web of connective tissue in your body helps to explain the MIRACLES you see on the mat

Things making me happy today: making the decision to NOT count calories anymore — so freeing, taking Izzy on a walk, switching to NEW SHOES for work!!!

Lazy day…

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A completely lazy day.  Feel kind of blah today, so it was a good day to just do nothing.

I think it all started when I could NOT sleep.  Up by 6 am…out in the office to read so that I would not wake Kimm up.  SIGH.


Kimm had an appointment for her arm today (it has been swollen and sore for quite a while…x-rays were done and she has an appointment with an orthopedic doctor…fingers crossed they will figure out what is going on soon).  While Kimm was gone, I watched some of Part 2 of The Mockingjay.  I’ve been working on finishing that movie for quite a while now.

Lunch was simple Kraft Mac and Cheese.  And then I was able to take a nice long relaxing nap.  It felt so nice.  And after that I was finally able to finish watching my movie!

Dinner was pizza out…we just didn’t feel like cooking.  It was yummy and….minimal dishes!!

Now I’m writing my blog, taking a shower, and hoping for a good nap before going in for work.  Three on.  I hope they go by fast.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 227)…

~~asana helps us to see the body as a whole…integrated and balanced

~~begin to see your practice as aiming for this integration and balance

Things making me happy today: finishing watching The Mockingjay, nap after lunch — so nice and relaxing, getting pizza outu — not many dishes!

Book Club: Behind Closed Doors

Monday, August 15, 2017

Book Club day!!!!

We were able to sleep in (!!!…thank you Izzy) and then after breakfast I got going on the snacks we were bringing to book club…homemade strawberry ice cream and taco dip!

Once that was all done, we got a urine sample from Izzy and headed out to drop it off at the vet (unfortunately we were not able to get a urine sample from Charlie even though he was locked in the bathroom all morning with the fake litter…nope, he was too smart for that…he just sat in there and stared and stared at the litter!).  Other errands of the morning…getting new leashes for Izzy and stopping at Stop and Shop for a few things (cones and chips for book club).

Home and we were on the go again…getting ready…I showered, then painted my toenails…then Kimm showered while I got the taco dip assembled.

And then we were off…to Enfield, CT….the hostess of book club has a super cute new house!  It was a good time — good food (sangria, Caesar Salad, fruit with cream cheese dip, taco dip) and good discussion (we all agreed the book was good, but just hard to believe that something like that could happen and most likely does happen to women all the time).  Our next book will be The Glass Castle…I’m excited to start reading it.

We got home and had to have a little snack while watching a show, visiting with all our animals, and letting the AC cool the bedroom.  Kimm was having some bad luck though….she spilled cheese on her shirt and had to stop and wash that out….argh!!!!  Hate when stuff like that happens.

I was glad to head to bed when we did…I was TIRED.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 226)…

~~prana is life energy

~~asana builds life energy because it forces us to act as a coordinated whole….it unblocks blocked life force

~~mind, body, spirit must work together…observe the experience of residing in a posture as an integrated whole…MIND, BODY, SPIRIT

Things making me happy today: making food from scratch (taco dip and strawberry ice cream), Book Club — good food and conversation, down to earth people!

Love those country drives…

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Made it through my two days on!

Slept and then dinner — veg burgers and a salad — simple and easy.

We fit in a quick walk with Izzy because we were going to be heading out for a drive…she was SO excited to go 🙂  Love seeing her look so happy about a walk!  We both had a sweat sheen once we were done…nothing the wind blowing through the car couldn’t take care of!

We drove out our normal way at first…through Connecticut, but as the drive progressed, we ended up in Westfield…we haven’t driven there very much…it was nice…just LOVE the wide open country spaces.

We were able to stop for ice cream at a new place…Northside Creamery…homemade hard ice cream…we both got Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie and it was GOOD!  The best we have had in a while 🙂

Home in time to turn on the AC for the bedroom and watch a show before bed…so happy to have tonight off 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 225)…

~~on the mat you can deconstruct your physical, mental and spiritual fear

~~and in the absence of fear you will become filled with love

Things making me happy today: first night off, easy dinner — veg burger and salad, seeing how excited Izzy is for her walk, country drive, good ice cream — Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie

Izzy gets a walk!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

HOW can it already be August 12??  This month is going by WAY TOO FAST!!

Work was okay last night.  Busy especially at the end and I had to stay for an hour extra to get everything done.  So glad to leave.

I slept okay, but LOTS of strange dreams and I must have shut my alarm off at some point because I woke up suddenly and it was 4:40 pm whereas my alarm is set for 4:30 pm…and it was off.  Not sure how that happened!

A good, veggie-filled dinner — cheesy pasta with green beans and yellow squash.  SO GOOD.  We had a peach which was fair.  And then had to chase it down with an ice cream cone 🙂

I actually got my butt off the couch after dinner and got Izzy on a walk!!!!  It seemed a little nicer than normal and just seeing how much Izzy has been cooped up because of the humidity and heat lately and knowing how she is getting OLDER…just made me want to get her on a walk.  She LOVED it of course 🙂  If only we didn’t run into weird neighbors!!!

Dishes, shower, and now blog.  I think I will get to close my eyes for about 15 mins before heading out the door.

But…only ONE MORE ON!!

Plan for tomorrow night…a drive and some ice cream out??!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 224)…

~~learn to be AT HOME in the asana….enter a posture, relax, breathe, explore…make yourself AT HOME

~~this helps us to become rooted in oneness, in the idea that we are all love, and love is all there is…

Things making me happy today: a veggie heavy dinner with green beans and yellow squash, finally getting Izzy on a walk again!, only one more night on!