Hello August…

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August already!!!!!

The last month of summer.

So thankfully, my last night of work was also pretty good, although I did get VERY tired during the night.  UGH.

I was so glad to just come home, talk with Kimm briefly, and then head to bed.  Today I took a Melatonin before bed to just hopefully make sure that I STAYED sleeping okay.

And I think it worked!  I did wake up at 12:30 pm to go to the bathroom, but then I was able to fall right back to sleep and I slept well 🙂

When I got up, Kimm told me that Izzy was experiencing some urinary urgency again!!!  AWWW…POOR PUP…she is just NOT catching a break.  She just finished her antibiotics for her UTI on Sunday!  So Kimm immediately called the vet to try to get an appointment because when the emergency vet had called with her results from the urinalysis they had said that if she starts exhibiting some of the same symptoms after the antibiotic, she would probably need an x-ray of her bladder to make sure she didn’t have stones or crystals.  Well, our vet could not get her in until Thursday morning…SIGH.  So we did get a urine sample that Kimm dropped off before they closed (of which the results should be ready by Thursday as well).

So hopefully she will not suffer TOO MUCH tomorrow.  It’s horrible watching an animal experience symptoms that you can do nothing about until she has been seen.  I just hope we can avoid taking her to the emergency vet again because it’s so expensive.  Fingers crossed she will be okay until Thursday morning.

So instead of the nice drive we had planned to have for tonight, we stayed home to let her out to go to the bathroom many times 🙂

Good thing we love her 🙂

Meal was excellent — homemade pizza!  And I got the MOST wonderful nap in after dinner…all that lack of sleep from the last three days just finally caught up with me.

Now we are about to watch a White Collar with some blueberry ice cream before heading to bed.  Tomorrow I have a lot to get done so I hope I have the energy and motivation to do it all!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 213)…

~~fear of death…it is the prevailing sense that we are not doing enough, and that we won’t get there, wherever “THERE” is

~~remember that swimmers who fight against the water tire and drown…those who relax into it, float…it is like that with us and our fear of death…on the mat, we learn to float

Things making me happy today: done with my three days on!, homemade pizza for dinner, a WONDERFUL after dinner nap, relaxing evening, blueberry ice cream


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