Another trip to the Vet ER.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


It all started out okay.  After cutting the cat’s nails (they were LONG…think we forgot to do this last month), we ate breakfast and then I was pretty productive…I washed the animal bowls and changed our bed sheets and washed the old bed sheets.  In between, I read.

Izzy seemed to be doing okay for the first part of the morning…I took her out right away in the morning and she didn’t seem to be straining to pee.

Well…that all changed about noon.

She started having to go out frequently again…she would squat, pee a bit, then go to another spot, squat, pee a bit and then eventually get to the point where she could not pee at all.  And we started to see a few spots of blood.  UGH.

Kimm called the vet again to see if there was any chance of getting her in earlier than tomorrow morning but we were told that no one was in the office.  But the office person did tell us that Izzy’s urinalysis came back…no crystals noted, but LOADED with bacteria.  A copy had been sent to our vet with a note asking if he wanted to start Izzy on antibiotics.  But, there had been no word back yet.  Double UGH.  So we pretty much KNEW that she had a UTI, yet could not start her on anything without being seen.  We felt like we really should take her to the vet ER because having her suffer the entire day just seemed cruel.

We ate lunch quickly and then left.  This time we decided to try the Vet ER in Windsor, CT because it was closer (only about 20 min versus 45 min…which I thought would be good because last time she had peed in the car).

We got there in about 25 minutes and there was no peeing in the car!

We actually got seen fairly quickly as well, probably within a half hour.  The vet told us the plan was going to be doing an x-ray to see if she had any kidney stones (turns out that kidney stones hold on to bacteria and if Izzy had one while she was on the last round of antibiotics the 2 weeks of antibiotics may not have been enough).  If nothing was seen on x-ray, the next step would be to possibly do an ultrasound to take a look at her kidneys, ureters, bladder.  They also wanted to get a urine culture since that would determine the specific type of bacteria that we were dealing with. We agreed with the plan.

And that’s when the waiting began.  Everything took SO LONG.  I think we were there for about another 2 hours.  And of course during that time it started to thunder and storm and poor Izzy who HATES that, was shaking like a leaf because she didn’t have her SAFE spot to just retreat to.  I felt so bad!

The vet finally got back to us and told us that they did not see any kidney stones on the x-ray (I guess the stones have to be 0.5 cm to be seen though which is pretty big).  And then she said she took a quick look with the ultrasound to make sure everything looked okay, which she said it did (I was not very happy that she did this without letting us know…from how she told us before this was going to be a POTENTIAL next step…not just done without asking us).  We finally got our discharge instructions and could go…and it was pretty much the same as last time…start Izzy on Clavamox and once the urine culture comes back (by Monday) if she needs to change the type of antibiotic she is on, we will be notified at that time.  Also, we will do another urinalysis 5 days after completion of the antibiotics (even though I was like ??? because her symptoms appeared this time LESS than 5 days after finishing her other antibiotics).

We went to pay and THAT is when we were in for the BIG SHOCK.  Her bill came to about $850!!!!!!  WHAT??!!!  I think we were both in shock.  Last time she had gone to the ER vet for her UTI it cost us about $350…I knew it would be more this time because of the x-ray and ultrasound…but THAT MUCH MORE???!!!!  We paid, took the itemized receipt and walked numbly to the car.

Everything was so expensive!!!!  $105 for the visit (not too bad I didn’t think), but then the x-ray (which turned out to be TWO x-rays) was about $200, the ultrasound $100, the urinalysis (which they already had the results of the urinalysis from our vet office faxed over to them!!!) was $160 ish, the urine culture $60 ish, the antibiotics $120!!!!!!!!  Seriously, I do not think we will be coming back to that vet ER.  I definitely like how the place in South Deerfield gives you an estimate BEFORE they do anything…I had not even thought about them not doing that at Windsor…I guess I didn’t think that the prices would be so much more expensive.

BUT…what’s done is done.  Our dog got what she needed…her medicine.  We learned a BIG lesson…stick with South Deerfield.  And we are both hoping that she will not have to go to the vet ER for a long, long time.  I would say that three times this summer is QUITE enough.  The only joke that I could make to Kimm on the way home was “we need to increase our animal budget next year” 🙂  Of course she was so mad at the time I couldn’t even get a smile!

I think we were both just SO FRUSTRATED that something that could have easily been handled at our own vet had to be handled at the vet ER just because our vet was not in the office…on a week day!!  Really not right at all in my opinion.  We are going to be discussing whether or not we might be switching vets.

But…back to Izzy.

She got her first dose of antibiotics in her pill pocket and she ate it up like a champ…she LOVES those pill pockets!!

And we were starved and exhausted with all of that so we decided to just order out a pizza….best decision ever.  It was so nice to just sit and much on pizza and fries and forget that we had just had a VERY EXPENSIVE afternoon.

The rest of the night was spent just relaxing on my end…Kimm had to call her parents and fill them in on just how expensive that vet was….I’m glad she got a chance to vent that all out!

Oh, forgot to mention…I did actually call about our broken Vitamix today too while Kimm had gone to pick up her prescriptions before lunch.  Turns out that they are sending a new top piece to the machine…they think the piece that attaches the blade to the mixing base was not working properly anymore, but that the motor on the base of the machine still seems to be okay…the good thing is that if it comes and still doesn’t work, I was told to call again and they would replace that part as well.  I can’t wait to get that part in the mail…I’ve been craving a smoothie 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 214)…

~~day after day, on the mat, you are becoming adept at releasing ever deeper and more subtle layers of tension, while still maintaining the posture

~~you are learning to TRUST

Things making me happy today: finally calling about the Vitamix, getting Izzy checked out and started on antibiotics, pizza out, having the day off when dealing with a sick pup!


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