The One where Izzy Pooped in the Car…

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Yay!!!  I made it to my day off…my ONE day off 🙂

The night at work was good…it was POURING when I left the hospital.

When I got home I headed to bed immediately because I knew I wanted to get up slightly earlier because we were planning on a ride that night…my fingers were crossed that the rain would stop!

I was up at 4 pm and it was bright and sunny!!!  Dinner was made — veggie burgers and a salad (with cucumbers from our own garden!!, tomato, red onion, avocado, dried cranberries, and croutons).  Yumm!!!  We watched a White Collar while we ate…we only have a few more episodes before the show is completely done…sad face.

After eating, we did our after dinner chores and we were out the door by about 6:45 pm!

It was a GORGEOUS drive…we saw lots of wide open spaces which we love, a beautiful almost full moon, and even got a little lost…drove around the outside of a state forest, got to see some of the campsites with fires going…and then…we were driving and I said to Kimm…”Boy is it stinky around here!” — she agreed!  And then the smell did NOT go away…and eventually we were like, “hmmm…did our dog take a shit???”  YUP!  There was a HUGE poop on the seat cover!  We pulled over at the first opportunity, I cleaned it up (good thing we have poop bags, extra napkins and Wet Ones in the car) and then we headed for home.  No ice cream for us that night 🙂

POOR PUP….she must have REALLY had to go!  When we got home, Kimm took the seat cover off…that will be heading for the trash!  And I cleaned our dog from nose to tail, including in between all her toes…to make SURE that there was no poop anywhere.

WHEW…what a night.

We finished it off with watching another White Collar while munching on chips and salsa and peanut butter M&M’s 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 217)…

~~the path of mastery exists only in the present

~~each practice is its own mountain to climb…each practice brings us back to the importance of NOW

~~our achievements are simply by-products of our ability to realize the potential of the present moment…that is what we are here to learn

Things making me happy today:  having a day off!, salads, going for a drive, beautiful open landscapes, bright moon, chips and salsa, White Collar


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