Trying Aldi for the first time…

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The rest of my day off is today.

I slept pretty good initially, but then woke up around 7 am and was tossing and turning after that.  But thankfully our dog did not pester to get up until 9 am!  Yay for sleeping in.

Breakfast was so nice…I LOVE having breakfast and reading in the morning.  English muffin with peanut butter and homemade blueberry jelly!  Coffee of course.  I started a new book…Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain…this is the book I got free during vacation at the library.

We were dressed by 11 am because our neighbor was coming over to take out all the weeds/bushes/vines in the back corner of the house (as well as trim up some tree branches).  Once this area is cleared out, we will plant grass seed and get some quotes for a shed!  We are paying him $100.  So far he is still working on it…close to 3 pm.

While he was starting with that I headed out for some groceries and I decided to hit up Aldi to try it out to see what food they offered and how the prices were (everyone always says the prices are good).

For the first time I liked it.  Some of the prices were excellent…avocados for 69 cents each!!!, tortilla chips for 1.19, 4 pack of veggie burgers for 2.49, 8 oz mushrooms 99 cents, 4 cups mozz cheese for 2.29!!! Lots more good deals too.  The one thing that I think I disliked the most was not being able to pick out my own produce … everything was in bulk and you could not take less.  But besides that…I liked it and will probably go again, maybe not every week, but at least once a month or maybe twice a month.  Anything to save money on groceries is a win in my book.

When I got back we ate lunch…mini cheese pizzas and chips and dip.

And now I am trying to catch up on all my blogging before heading back to work tonight.  Our plans are to grill out for dinner.  And Kimm wants to mow today too because the weather is so nice.  I hope she will be able to fit it in because she won’t be able to start until after our neighbor finishes with the work in the corner.

I’m in for work at 10 pm.  On for three and then I’ll be off for two.  This is the last stretch of covering for my co-worker’s vacation.  Back to normal after that!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 218)…

~~”If your eyes and ears are open, you will see the windows of opportunity open around you.” — Cherie Carter-Scott

~~as the months turn into years, we realize that our practice is a long unfolding, an opening into promise

~~we learn to stand easy, firm, and relaxed, and our problems become the open windows of opportunity

Things  making me happy today: breakfast, sleeping in, checking out Aldi’s for the first time, a beautiful, sunny, breezy, non-humid day, grilling out, no plans


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