Upping the meds.

Monday, August 7, 2017

One week into the new month…time is FLYING.

Work was busy but okay.  I was glad to leave since I was so tired.  I was able to chat a bit with Mom on the way home 🙂  They are heading out to the campsite today…lucky!

I headed right to bed after some blueberries and a spoonful of peanut butter.  The skies were overcast and rain was on the forecast.

I slept WELL (I think because I took my Melatonin).

When I got up, Kimm filled me in…she had called about Izzy because we’ve noticed that she seems to have some more urgency (and she’s had two accidents in the house) since being on the antibiotics.  Kimm got a little run around from the vet at the ER because she said that the urine culture showed that the bacteria in her urine should respond to the Clavamox she is on…but Kimm advocated HARD for our dog and the vet finally said she would add a second antibiotic (Enrofloxacin).  We are REALLY hoping that this will relieve these symptoms.  The vet also said that if these two meds do not help, Izzy will have to see a specialist because at that point it will be a complicated UTI (versus an uncomplicated UTI).  SIGH.  FINGERS CROSSED that this will do the trick.

Chicken parm for dinner with green beans (from our OWN garden!) on the side.  Yummy.  All while watching the VERY LAST White Collar (sad face).  We were even able to get some ice cream in at the end…the good stuff (Ben and Jerry’s — I had the Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch…one of my faves!).  I thought the show ended really well…you can’t say that about too many shows…really stuck with the vibe of the show and wrapped up all the loose ends 🙂  Definitely will be watching that one again.

Then dishes, now a shower, and I’m heading back for a nap.  Wiped out.  Rained a bunch today.

Only two more days of work and then back to normal scheduling.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 219)…

~~success in asana requires stamina

~~you may forget this when you are not working hard art your practice, and see this when you are working hard 

~~in posture after posture, you will be able to endure past the initial difficulty…the pain will soften, the training of your mind kicks in…relax, breathe, enter the dance of the asana…mind, body and breath

~~be in love with the moment, the opportunity, the posture

~~it requires strength — physical and mental — but it will be worth it — you will feel life in every cell of your body

Things making me happy today: slept good!, chicken parm, Izzy on a second ABX, ice cream while watching the LAST White Collar (Great Ending!!), napping before work


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