Thursday, August 10, 2017

Finally a full day off!!!!

I slept wonderful 🙂  I just wish that Kimm had…apparently while I was getting all the zzzz’s she was tossing and turning and then tossing and turning some more.

But we were up with Izzy and ready to dig into breakfast!  Egg bagels with cream cheese…but I was so bummed!  I think our toaster is on the fritz…it didn’t really toast the bagels well even though they LOOKED toasted….more chewy which is NOT what I was going for…oh well, at least they tasted good…so now we are on the lookout for a new toaster as well.

Our big plan for today — the vet and shopping!

First of all, the vet.  It was time for the cats yearly visit.  Turns out when we got there we found out that we had been scheduled with the new female vet that our male vet has brought into the office.  We liked her!  She was nice, informative, and quick…all things we like.  So the cats…both Charlie and Madeline have lost weight.  We told her how Charlie does not like his special food and she gave us some samples of a different kind that a lot of cats like supposedly.  We will try it out.  Hopefully Charlie will like it as it is cheaper!  She also suggested getting a urine sample for him since we also told her that he had peed outside the litter box twice in the last month.  So we are going to get that as soon as we can…takes a little planning as we have to separate the cats for a while to make sure he is the one peeing in the fake litter!  We will work on that!  Madeline’s teeth are worse than last year (which we figured).  She mentioned maybe considering getting them cleaned and removing a few of the bad ones.  We got an estimate but I think we are both on the same page…as long as she still eats and doesn’t look to be in pain, we’ll probably bypass that because of her age.  We left the office paying about $100.  We also changed our appointment with Izzy next month to be with her!  One other thing that I REALLY liked about her was that she answered my questions about Izzy even though we were not there for her appointment (I asked about getting a urine sample from her while she is still on her antibiotics for the UTI to ensure that the antibiotics are working…to determine if she would need to be on them longer…she did recommend getting a urine sample right towards the end of her antibiotics…when there are 3 days left…so we will be getting that on Monday and dropping it off at the vet).

A quick break home for lunch … fried egg sandwiches…something quick and easy.

And then for the SHOPPING!!!  We had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s so that means…GO TO KOHL’S!  And thankfully we both were able to find some stuff!  Me — 3 sweatshirts — 1 for work, 2 lightweight ones for spring/fall, a plaid button up, 2 long sleeve tees for fall, and a pair of Nike’s.   Kimm — 2 lightweight sweatshirts and some t-shirts.

We finished the night off with getting Bueno Y Sano — tacos (which we felt were really more like burritos without the rice!).  They were okay, but we would definitely spring for the burritos in the future.

Followed by some ice cream!


Meditations from the Mat (Day 222)…

~~”Mature in yoga, impartial everywhere that he looks, he sees himself in all beings and all beings in himself” — Bhagavad Gita

~~yoga encourages us to connect to what is real and what is real is LOVE

Things making me happy today: a FULL day off!!!, breakfast, coffee :), shopping and actually finding stuff I like, eating ice cream sitting on the couch all comfy!


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