More shopping…

Friday, August 11, 2017

Whew.  What a fast two days off.

Up this morning after 8 am.  Kimm actually slept well for once 🙂

Getting those animals fed, then us.  But disaster!!!  The cream was bad!!!!  Cannot not have coffee…so upstairs to get dressed, a quick trip in the car, and then back home with cream from the gas station on the corner…disaster AVERTED!!!  Breakfast fair because we were trying different English muffins from Aldi…they are not a good substitute…will need to stick with Thomas’!!!

Then a quick trip to Price Rite to get some of those English muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast, as well as some other essentials.  CRAZY busy.  UGH.  So glad to get out of there.

Unpacked and headed back out…wanted to check Bob’s for shoes, and the Kohl’s in Enfield for clothes, toaster, pots/pans.

Neither of us had luck at Bob’s.  Kimm made out at Kohl’s today…two new t-shirts.  Nothing for me.  SIGH.

Then one more stop at Famous Footwear.  Nothing for me, two pairs of shoes for Kimm (she was looking for a pair to mow the lawn in and liked the ones she tried on so much, she got one just for non-mowing!)

Finally back home to EAT (really, really hungry!).  Veggie burgers, salad, and ice cream 🙂

Now dishes and shower and nap before work…Only TWO on.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 223)…

~~your practice can give you the ability to experience life with a quiet mind

~~when your mind is quiet it can see the spirit in everything

~~practice in order to perceive the UNITY of the all-encompassing spirit

Things making me happy today: fresh homemade strawberry jelly, seeing Kimm get a good deal on clothes she likes!, salads, avocado, ice cream!


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