Izzy gets a walk!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

HOW can it already be August 12??  This month is going by WAY TOO FAST!!

Work was okay last night.  Busy especially at the end and I had to stay for an hour extra to get everything done.  So glad to leave.

I slept okay, but LOTS of strange dreams and I must have shut my alarm off at some point because I woke up suddenly and it was 4:40 pm whereas my alarm is set for 4:30 pm…and it was off.  Not sure how that happened!

A good, veggie-filled dinner — cheesy pasta with green beans and yellow squash.  SO GOOD.  We had a peach which was fair.  And then had to chase it down with an ice cream cone 🙂

I actually got my butt off the couch after dinner and got Izzy on a walk!!!!  It seemed a little nicer than normal and just seeing how much Izzy has been cooped up because of the humidity and heat lately and knowing how she is getting OLDER…just made me want to get her on a walk.  She LOVED it of course 🙂  If only we didn’t run into weird neighbors!!!

Dishes, shower, and now blog.  I think I will get to close my eyes for about 15 mins before heading out the door.

But…only ONE MORE ON!!

Plan for tomorrow night…a drive and some ice cream out??!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 224)…

~~learn to be AT HOME in the asana….enter a posture, relax, breathe, explore…make yourself AT HOME

~~this helps us to become rooted in oneness, in the idea that we are all love, and love is all there is…

Things making me happy today: a veggie heavy dinner with green beans and yellow squash, finally getting Izzy on a walk again!, only one more night on!


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