Book Club: Behind Closed Doors

Monday, August 15, 2017

Book Club day!!!!

We were able to sleep in (!!!…thank you Izzy) and then after breakfast I got going on the snacks we were bringing to book club…homemade strawberry ice cream and taco dip!

Once that was all done, we got a urine sample from Izzy and headed out to drop it off at the vet (unfortunately we were not able to get a urine sample from Charlie even though he was locked in the bathroom all morning with the fake litter…nope, he was too smart for that…he just sat in there and stared and stared at the litter!).  Other errands of the morning…getting new leashes for Izzy and stopping at Stop and Shop for a few things (cones and chips for book club).

Home and we were on the go again…getting ready…I showered, then painted my toenails…then Kimm showered while I got the taco dip assembled.

And then we were off…to Enfield, CT….the hostess of book club has a super cute new house!  It was a good time — good food (sangria, Caesar Salad, fruit with cream cheese dip, taco dip) and good discussion (we all agreed the book was good, but just hard to believe that something like that could happen and most likely does happen to women all the time).  Our next book will be The Glass Castle…I’m excited to start reading it.

We got home and had to have a little snack while watching a show, visiting with all our animals, and letting the AC cool the bedroom.  Kimm was having some bad luck though….she spilled cheese on her shirt and had to stop and wash that out….argh!!!!  Hate when stuff like that happens.

I was glad to head to bed when we did…I was TIRED.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 226)…

~~prana is life energy

~~asana builds life energy because it forces us to act as a coordinated whole….it unblocks blocked life force

~~mind, body, spirit must work together…observe the experience of residing in a posture as an integrated whole…MIND, BODY, SPIRIT

Things making me happy today: making food from scratch (taco dip and strawberry ice cream), Book Club — good food and conversation, down to earth people!