Ice cream for dinner!

Thursday, August 17, 2017



ICE CREAM!! (for dinner!!)

Kimm and I made the drive to Grassroots in Granby, MA to meet up with a close friend of hers for some ice cream (it was a mid-way trip for both of us).  It had been a YEAR since we had seen her and her family (husband and two ADORABLE little girls).

We munched on ice cream and talked…and it was SO NICE.  Nothing elaborate…just simple…and sometimes that is all you need 🙂

My ice cream — German Chocolate Cake (SO GOOD), and Coffee Oreo (also good, but not as good as the German Chocolate Cake!)

Kimm’s ice cream — Peanut Butter Oreo (she loved it and the taste I had of it was yummy)

Home afterwards and time for my shower and a show before work…last one on!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 229)…

~~connective tissue expands and contracts…in asana we work to expand the connective tissue

~~the progressive nature of this lengthening and expanding process over time explains why such amazing feats of flexibility are possible and why no amount of stiffness is reason for despair

~~experience your practice at the level of your connective tissue … feel how much looser and more comfortable your body feels after the asana

Things making me happy today: meeting up with Kimm’s friend and her family for a visit, yummy ice cream with interesting flavors!, popcorn and Criminal Minds before work