Work Flow

Tuesday, August 22 through Thursday, August 24, 2017

Three days on.

And all three were not too bad as far as work goes.

Work stuff — I found out that I can sign up for the online ACLS for $132 and then do the one day re-cert.  Yay!  I mean I still will have to pay that online fee (I guess that is the price I pay for forgetting about my ACLS).  But soon (by the end of the year) I will be ACLS certified again.  I will not forget to put that on my calendar for 2 years in the future!  Also got my ACE day photos done…I did it after work on Thursday morning.  I felt a little self-conscious having SO MANY pictures taken.  I REALLY hope that they turn out okay…it’s always hit or miss when someone else takes your photos and then chooses which ones to use.  Oh well, there is nothing I can do about that now.  We are getting a meeting set up with all of us supervisors to meet with the new Director of Nursing (I think it will be this next week).  I am interested to see how that goes.  I got an extra two hours of pay this week because I went in early on Thursday night.

Home stuff — Kimm got her appointment set up for her Lawson tattoo!!!!  (Sunday at 1:30 pm…it’s probably going to take a good four hours!)  I can’t wait to see how that turns out.  We were able to grill out on Thursday night…the weather this week has been incredible!!!  No humidity.  Sunny and breezy.  I tried a new veggie burger that I had gotten at Aldi and I really liked it.  Tasty and cheaper, you can’t go wrong there!  We went for a drive Thursday night as well…a beautiful road in CT….lots of open land, cute houses…love those nights.  Ended the night with ice cream from Scoops with Kimm’s mom…we picked her up and she LOVED the treat.  It was nice being able to do that!  Short amount of porch time the other night…love that we will be able to do that more often now that the weather is nicer.  We are hoping to get some peaches from the orchard soon…for eating and for making jelly…we are still loving our strawberry and blueberry jellies!  And still no weighing in or counting calories…loving it (although I am considering weighing in ONCE a month at the beginning of the month for accountability).  We need to start planning out September vacation!!!!


Meditations from the Mat…

(Day 234)…

~~the body is a single organism, enveloped from head to toe by fascia, pliable bands of connective tissue that separate or bind together our muscles, organs and other soft structures

~~steady and relaxed, we breathe into the WHOLE

(Day 235)…

~~within each of us is the ability to spiral into a posture

~~the blueprint for this movement is in the spiral line — a continuous line of connective tissue that begins at the arch of the foot, runs up the front of the leg, and travels once around the body, ascending as it goes, coming to rest at the base of the skull behind the ear, on the same side as the arch from which it came…there is a corresponding line that begins at the opposite arch and spirals up to the ear on that side

~~we experience these lines in the TWISTING postures

(Day 236)…

~~yoga is asking us to pay attention to the nature of all our relationships and to apply the yamas and the niyamas to them

~~the aim of yogic practice is to free us from the endless distractions of the kleshas (fear, pride, desire, and ignorance) and to teach usto bring a focused mind to bear on the nature of our relationships


Things making me happy today:

8/22 (Tues) — finally feeling better after this summer cold, hot shower, nap before work, tacos/brown rice/ice cream cone!

8/23 (Wed) — knowing I only have one more day of work before a day off!, small amount of porch time :), homemade pizza, a good hair day

8/24 (Thurs) — making it through my long shift, ACE photos done, OFF!!, grill out — good tasting new veg burger/yellow squash!!!, beautiful ride, Scoops ice cream with Kimm’s mom…yumm!!!