The One where Izzy Pooped in the Car…

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Yay!!!  I made it to my day off…my ONE day off 🙂

The night at work was good…it was POURING when I left the hospital.

When I got home I headed to bed immediately because I knew I wanted to get up slightly earlier because we were planning on a ride that night…my fingers were crossed that the rain would stop!

I was up at 4 pm and it was bright and sunny!!!  Dinner was made — veggie burgers and a salad (with cucumbers from our own garden!!, tomato, red onion, avocado, dried cranberries, and croutons).  Yumm!!!  We watched a White Collar while we ate…we only have a few more episodes before the show is completely done…sad face.

After eating, we did our after dinner chores and we were out the door by about 6:45 pm!

It was a GORGEOUS drive…we saw lots of wide open spaces which we love, a beautiful almost full moon, and even got a little lost…drove around the outside of a state forest, got to see some of the campsites with fires going…and then…we were driving and I said to Kimm…”Boy is it stinky around here!” — she agreed!  And then the smell did NOT go away…and eventually we were like, “hmmm…did our dog take a shit???”  YUP!  There was a HUGE poop on the seat cover!  We pulled over at the first opportunity, I cleaned it up (good thing we have poop bags, extra napkins and Wet Ones in the car) and then we headed for home.  No ice cream for us that night 🙂

POOR PUP….she must have REALLY had to go!  When we got home, Kimm took the seat cover off…that will be heading for the trash!  And I cleaned our dog from nose to tail, including in between all her toes…to make SURE that there was no poop anywhere.

WHEW…what a night.

We finished it off with watching another White Collar while munching on chips and salsa and peanut butter M&M’s 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 217)…

~~the path of mastery exists only in the present

~~each practice is its own mountain to climb…each practice brings us back to the importance of NOW

~~our achievements are simply by-products of our ability to realize the potential of the present moment…that is what we are here to learn

Things making me happy today:  having a day off!, salads, going for a drive, beautiful open landscapes, bright moon, chips and salsa, White Collar

Still catching up from vacation…

Friday, August 4, 2017

Well, here it is a whole week since being on vacation and I feel like we are still catching up with everything from being on vacation 🙂

Kimm has the laundry caught up and the lawn done.  I changed the sheets, cleaned the tub, dusted and swept the bedroom.  Still need to dust the downstairs and pick up some misc stuff that just ACCUMULATES 🙂

Izzy is doing well on her antibiotics…thank goodness.

I have one more night of work and then ONE off.  We are hoping for a drive tomorrow (and an ice cream stop!) if the rain finishes by then…

Fingers crossed for a good night at work.

Meditations from the Mat (Day 216)…

~~a yoga posture is a whole-body experience

~~the inquiry is ever expanding…the inquiry is child-like…it is the movement of consciousness…is is WISDOM in ACTION

Things making me happy today:  chocolate cashew milk, AC in car, slept well during the day, taco salad, pulling weeds and looking at the flowers, quiet time

Izzy’s doing better…

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Izzy made it through the night without having to get up and pee!!  This is GOOD.

And doing the day today we noticed that she seems back to her normal self 🙂  Ahh, the wonders of antibiotics.

As far as the rest of the day…it was productive.

~~I was able to call and chat with my parents (it was a good visit and I’m glad I finally just DID it!  It had been a while since we talked)

~~July finance meeting done — accomplished with a few glasses of wine!  We saved quite a bit, which is good because we had enough to pay for the vet bills!

~~I cleaned the tub!

~~we decided to get food out — Bueno Y Sano again…yumm!!!  (take out)

I’m in for work tonight…but thankfully only 2 days on!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 215)…

~~”The mind is restless, unsteady, turbulent, wild and stubborn: truly, it seems to me as hard to master as the wind.” — Bhagavad Gita

~~practicing asana, our minds can be still…there is peace and joy…back in the real world, our minds are not still

~~our training can bring us back into the moment…the mind wanders and we gently bring it back

Things making me happy today: finally chatting with my parents, Izzy doing better, Bueno Y Sano, finishing the July finance meeting and having enough money saved to pay for all the vet bills 🙂

Another trip to the Vet ER.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


It all started out okay.  After cutting the cat’s nails (they were LONG…think we forgot to do this last month), we ate breakfast and then I was pretty productive…I washed the animal bowls and changed our bed sheets and washed the old bed sheets.  In between, I read.

Izzy seemed to be doing okay for the first part of the morning…I took her out right away in the morning and she didn’t seem to be straining to pee.

Well…that all changed about noon.

She started having to go out frequently again…she would squat, pee a bit, then go to another spot, squat, pee a bit and then eventually get to the point where she could not pee at all.  And we started to see a few spots of blood.  UGH.

Kimm called the vet again to see if there was any chance of getting her in earlier than tomorrow morning but we were told that no one was in the office.  But the office person did tell us that Izzy’s urinalysis came back…no crystals noted, but LOADED with bacteria.  A copy had been sent to our vet with a note asking if he wanted to start Izzy on antibiotics.  But, there had been no word back yet.  Double UGH.  So we pretty much KNEW that she had a UTI, yet could not start her on anything without being seen.  We felt like we really should take her to the vet ER because having her suffer the entire day just seemed cruel.

We ate lunch quickly and then left.  This time we decided to try the Vet ER in Windsor, CT because it was closer (only about 20 min versus 45 min…which I thought would be good because last time she had peed in the car).

We got there in about 25 minutes and there was no peeing in the car!

We actually got seen fairly quickly as well, probably within a half hour.  The vet told us the plan was going to be doing an x-ray to see if she had any kidney stones (turns out that kidney stones hold on to bacteria and if Izzy had one while she was on the last round of antibiotics the 2 weeks of antibiotics may not have been enough).  If nothing was seen on x-ray, the next step would be to possibly do an ultrasound to take a look at her kidneys, ureters, bladder.  They also wanted to get a urine culture since that would determine the specific type of bacteria that we were dealing with. We agreed with the plan.

And that’s when the waiting began.  Everything took SO LONG.  I think we were there for about another 2 hours.  And of course during that time it started to thunder and storm and poor Izzy who HATES that, was shaking like a leaf because she didn’t have her SAFE spot to just retreat to.  I felt so bad!

The vet finally got back to us and told us that they did not see any kidney stones on the x-ray (I guess the stones have to be 0.5 cm to be seen though which is pretty big).  And then she said she took a quick look with the ultrasound to make sure everything looked okay, which she said it did (I was not very happy that she did this without letting us know…from how she told us before this was going to be a POTENTIAL next step…not just done without asking us).  We finally got our discharge instructions and could go…and it was pretty much the same as last time…start Izzy on Clavamox and once the urine culture comes back (by Monday) if she needs to change the type of antibiotic she is on, we will be notified at that time.  Also, we will do another urinalysis 5 days after completion of the antibiotics (even though I was like ??? because her symptoms appeared this time LESS than 5 days after finishing her other antibiotics).

We went to pay and THAT is when we were in for the BIG SHOCK.  Her bill came to about $850!!!!!!  WHAT??!!!  I think we were both in shock.  Last time she had gone to the ER vet for her UTI it cost us about $350…I knew it would be more this time because of the x-ray and ultrasound…but THAT MUCH MORE???!!!!  We paid, took the itemized receipt and walked numbly to the car.

Everything was so expensive!!!!  $105 for the visit (not too bad I didn’t think), but then the x-ray (which turned out to be TWO x-rays) was about $200, the ultrasound $100, the urinalysis (which they already had the results of the urinalysis from our vet office faxed over to them!!!) was $160 ish, the urine culture $60 ish, the antibiotics $120!!!!!!!!  Seriously, I do not think we will be coming back to that vet ER.  I definitely like how the place in South Deerfield gives you an estimate BEFORE they do anything…I had not even thought about them not doing that at Windsor…I guess I didn’t think that the prices would be so much more expensive.

BUT…what’s done is done.  Our dog got what she needed…her medicine.  We learned a BIG lesson…stick with South Deerfield.  And we are both hoping that she will not have to go to the vet ER for a long, long time.  I would say that three times this summer is QUITE enough.  The only joke that I could make to Kimm on the way home was “we need to increase our animal budget next year” 🙂  Of course she was so mad at the time I couldn’t even get a smile!

I think we were both just SO FRUSTRATED that something that could have easily been handled at our own vet had to be handled at the vet ER just because our vet was not in the office…on a week day!!  Really not right at all in my opinion.  We are going to be discussing whether or not we might be switching vets.

But…back to Izzy.

She got her first dose of antibiotics in her pill pocket and she ate it up like a champ…she LOVES those pill pockets!!

And we were starved and exhausted with all of that so we decided to just order out a pizza….best decision ever.  It was so nice to just sit and much on pizza and fries and forget that we had just had a VERY EXPENSIVE afternoon.

The rest of the night was spent just relaxing on my end…Kimm had to call her parents and fill them in on just how expensive that vet was….I’m glad she got a chance to vent that all out!

Oh, forgot to mention…I did actually call about our broken Vitamix today too while Kimm had gone to pick up her prescriptions before lunch.  Turns out that they are sending a new top piece to the machine…they think the piece that attaches the blade to the mixing base was not working properly anymore, but that the motor on the base of the machine still seems to be okay…the good thing is that if it comes and still doesn’t work, I was told to call again and they would replace that part as well.  I can’t wait to get that part in the mail…I’ve been craving a smoothie 🙂

Meditations from the Mat (Day 214)…

~~day after day, on the mat, you are becoming adept at releasing ever deeper and more subtle layers of tension, while still maintaining the posture

~~you are learning to TRUST

Things making me happy today: finally calling about the Vitamix, getting Izzy checked out and started on antibiotics, pizza out, having the day off when dealing with a sick pup!

Hello August…

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August already!!!!!

The last month of summer.

So thankfully, my last night of work was also pretty good, although I did get VERY tired during the night.  UGH.

I was so glad to just come home, talk with Kimm briefly, and then head to bed.  Today I took a Melatonin before bed to just hopefully make sure that I STAYED sleeping okay.

And I think it worked!  I did wake up at 12:30 pm to go to the bathroom, but then I was able to fall right back to sleep and I slept well 🙂

When I got up, Kimm told me that Izzy was experiencing some urinary urgency again!!!  AWWW…POOR PUP…she is just NOT catching a break.  She just finished her antibiotics for her UTI on Sunday!  So Kimm immediately called the vet to try to get an appointment because when the emergency vet had called with her results from the urinalysis they had said that if she starts exhibiting some of the same symptoms after the antibiotic, she would probably need an x-ray of her bladder to make sure she didn’t have stones or crystals.  Well, our vet could not get her in until Thursday morning…SIGH.  So we did get a urine sample that Kimm dropped off before they closed (of which the results should be ready by Thursday as well).

So hopefully she will not suffer TOO MUCH tomorrow.  It’s horrible watching an animal experience symptoms that you can do nothing about until she has been seen.  I just hope we can avoid taking her to the emergency vet again because it’s so expensive.  Fingers crossed she will be okay until Thursday morning.

So instead of the nice drive we had planned to have for tonight, we stayed home to let her out to go to the bathroom many times 🙂

Good thing we love her 🙂

Meal was excellent — homemade pizza!  And I got the MOST wonderful nap in after dinner…all that lack of sleep from the last three days just finally caught up with me.

Now we are about to watch a White Collar with some blueberry ice cream before heading to bed.  Tomorrow I have a lot to get done so I hope I have the energy and motivation to do it all!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 213)…

~~fear of death…it is the prevailing sense that we are not doing enough, and that we won’t get there, wherever “THERE” is

~~remember that swimmers who fight against the water tire and drown…those who relax into it, float…it is like that with us and our fear of death…on the mat, we learn to float

Things making me happy today: done with my three days on!, homemade pizza for dinner, a WONDERFUL after dinner nap, relaxing evening, blueberry ice cream

Another pretty good night…

Monday, July 31, 2017

Here we are…the last day of the month!  Where is the summer going??

Last night at work was pretty easy.  No major issues 🙂  I even learned how to do a new braid because someone was braiding hair on IMC…the fishtail braid, which I LOVE the look of!

I did get a little tired because I had slept pretty poorly during the day, but I made it through with my No-Doze and gum chewing!!

I stopped at Stop and Shop after work to get some fresh buns because we were grilling out for dinner!!

Then it was home and directly to bed.

I slept a LITTLE better than yesterday.  I was up after three hours and then slept on and off for a couple more.  SIGH.  Not sure why I’m not just sleeping through anymore.

Kimm did quite a bit of laundry today…two LARGE loads.  The after effects of vacation.

Dinner was veggie heavy…which was fine by me.  Our salads were so good from yesterday that we had another one, then I sauteed our first green beans of the season in a little olive oil with some garlic, also veggie kebobs and veggie burgers.  YUMM!!  I was full after that.

Lots of dishes and then I checked on the stuff outside.  VERY buggy out…I think I got three bug bites right away.  Our petunias are still not looking great.  ??? I was able to pick our VERY FIRST zucchini!!!!!  Can’t wait to eat that 🙂

Now about to do some yoga, then shower, then a show before my last night of work.

Very humid today…glad for the AC!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 212)…

~~in the beginning we desire the fruits of a good practice, we are afraid of looking foolish

~~desire and aversion stimulate us to work hard…but eventually we experience neither desire nor aversion, we just practice

Things making me happy today: sleeping a little better!,  learning to fishtail braid, veggie heavy dinner (first green beans of the season!!), picked a zucchini!!!!, one night left of work!

Back to work.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

WOW…only one more day left of this month…CRAZY!!

Well, my first night back at work was not too bad…yay!!  Minimal staffing issues, no CERT calls, no CODES, and I was able to catch up on my email/time card stuff.  I also got to see who else was nominated for the hospital ACE awards…during vacation I found out that I had been nominated in the Best Leader category!  Wow…the OR nurse manager, myself, and some other person I have never heard of were nominated.  I am very honored actually 🙂

I did get a little tired about 5:30 am because I hadn’t really slept before going in to work yesterday, but after a No-Doze and some gum, I made it through the rest of the shift until I was able to come home and CRASH!

Kimm’s plans for the day…the LAWN.  With vacation, it had gotten quite long so she knew it was going to be QUITE the job.

I slept good until about 1:30 pm (so about 4 solid hours of sleep) and then I just kept tossing and turning, not sleeping.  So when Kimm came in after her shower I got up and we did dinner 🙂

It was yummy…roasted asparagus, salad, leftover Five Cheese Ziti from Olive Garden.  We ate at the dining room table and just chatted about our days…it was just NICE.

Kimm told me that the lawn was terrible…she had to use the bagger because it was so long and of course that makes the mower even heavier and it took her about 3 hours!!!  But now it looks great.  I caught her up on all the gossip at the hospital 🙂

After our dinner chores, we went out to look at the flowers and garden, something else we had neglected on vacation…I weeded a bunch around the flower…I worked up a sweat!!

And now we are in the middle of porch time.  All that is left is to shower, watch a show, and maybe get a cat nap in before heading back to work.  Tonight is day 2 of 3.  Maybe, maybe I will get in a quick yoga…I REALLY SHOULD!  We shall see if it actually happens.

Here’s hoping that tonight will be another easy night…

Meditations from the Mat (Day 211)…

~~have courage to do the right thing, regardless of what others think…expend less emotional energy worrying about what others think of you

~~as our practice matures, we begin to realize that strong emotional response merely cloud the mind and exhaust the body…through clear seeing, we come to understand the roots of these responses and learn to let them go…pride, fear, and desire slowly fade

Things making me happy today: an easy first night back at work, being nominated for an ACE award, fresh vegetables — asparagus and salad, weeding the flowers, porch time with the FAN 🙂

July Vacation {Day NINE}

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Last day of vacation 😦  And the day I returned to work…

But we made every little bit of the day count!!!!

We were going to head up to Giovanni’s Italian Pastry Shop for breakfast which is right up on Main Street (we were going to walk there) but at the last minute I decided to call to make sure that they were open and good thing I did call because they were closed for vacation!  So we quickly changed things up and decided to head to On the Hill again…we got the same — veggie omelet, but Kimm got the home fries and I got the fried potatoes (whereas last time we both had gotten the hash browns…we were both happier with our choice…better taste).  Kimm had the rye toast and I had pancakes on the side.  YUMM!!

Home to relax our stomachs for a bit and then we headed out on one last day of adventure.  It was a GORGEOUS summer day…sunny, breezy, non-humid!!!!  Everything I LOVE in a summer day.  We drove out to Amherst to go to Amherst Winery for a wine tasting.  We had never been there before even though we have tasted their wines several times before at The Big E.  It was a really cute place and the wine was good!  We bought 6 bottles!!!  And we even decided to stay there and have a glass on their deck because they could re-cork the wine when you left so you didn’t waste it 🙂

After leaving there, we headed home, but stopped at Cindy’s Drive In to try a twist cone with crunch topping…we both agreed it was pretty good…creamy AND flavorful.  Definitely a place we will try again.  And because it was a drive in the SMELL of the onion rings made us both CRAVE onion rings so we agreed when we ordered our pizza that night we would add on an order of onion rings 🙂

Home to relax again…this time on the porch because it was just so beautiful out…When we started to get hungry we got our pizza/fries/onion rings and watched an episode of White Collar.

And then it was time for my shower and getting ready for work.

I left the house with a huge smile, knowing that we had enjoyed an EXCELLENT vacation!!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 201)…

~~desire and aversion both have the ability to move us deeply, to take us completely out of ourselves, to lead us into behavior that we later cannot recognize as our own

~~the breath and the postures allow us toe systematically redefine who we are…the breath calms the mind and draws it inward, severing its ties to desire and aversion…the postures deconstruct our old definitions of self

~~note aversion as it arises, but do not try to control the uncontrollable….let go of the problem and embrace the solution with all your heart

Things making me happy today: beautiful summer day!!, new wine tasting, ice cream cone!!, pizza out!!, feeling fresh and clean after a shower, porch time

July Vacation {Day EIGHT}

Friday, July 28, 2017

The last FULL day of vacation 😦

This vacation has truly been one of our best yet though!!!

And it was another really, really nice day.

It started with breakfast out…another new place…Main Street Grille.  Another hole in the wall diner…we both got the same…veggie omelette (onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, American cheese) with home fries and toast (white for me, rye for Kimm).  And coffee…OF COURSE 🙂  We agreed that the quality of the omelette was very close to the one we had at On the Hill.  The home fries were definitely better (not that fake grill butter taste).  I wish I could have substituted pancakes for my toast though!!!  But all in all, a really good (and really filling!) breakfast.

Back home for the usual…resting our stomachs and just relaxing.  I froze a bag of blueberries in the meantime!

After we were feeling less stuffed, we headed out to a wine tasting in Northampton, MA — Mineral Hills Winery (we had gone last year as well, but we LOVE their wine).  The day was absolutely gorgeous…not humid, breezy, sunny.  A PERFECT day for a drive.

We did our tasting (and buying…we ended up getting four bottles, and this really cute sign — “Our book club can drink your book club under the table” — we both laughed so hard at that one because whenever we have book club we are always drinking wine…it was the perfect sign to get and show our friend who is in book club with us! — we also bought two magnets — “Wine is like duct tape…it fixes everything!” — one for us and one for our friend from book club — we just thought it was so cute and RIGHT).

On the way home, we were able to cross another ice cream place off our list.  Sheldon’s Ice Cream in Southampton.  The flavors we tried — Kimm — Peanut Butter Oreo, Kaye — Boston Blackout (chocolate ice cream with fudge swirl and brownie bits).  We both got ours in a sugar cone but Kimm’s cone broke so she ended up eating hers in a dish…which getting it into the dish was quite the task since there was a hornet buzzing around so there I was the fool running around holding the cup while Kimm’s ice cream practically fell on the ground…but thankfully we got it in the cup just in time!  Kimm thought her ice cream was really good and from the taste I had I thought so too.  However, I thought my flavor was just fair…the fudge swirl and brownie bits were good, but the actual chocolate ice cream was just not very flavorful…but I did enjoy the cone!

As we headed back home, while we were driving through Holyoke, we checked out very briefly Ashley Reservoir…a natural area that a lot of people from work tend to go to after work to walk/run.  It looked pretty nice and we both agreed that we would come back and check it out when we had better walking shoes on (flip flops were NOT going to do it!)

After getting home and relaxing a bit again, we headed out for dinner at our old favorite…El Forestero.  Veggie quesadillas for the win!  SO SO GOOD.  And thankfully the guacamole was perfect this time as well.

Even though it was kind of later when we got home, we still decided to get out for a last drive, although it would be short.  And I’m SO GLAD we did because we saw the most awesome sunset…bright pinks and purples…absolutely gorgeous.

We ended the night with watching a White Collar and eating some of our blueberry ice cream 🙂

Like I said, a perfect day!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 209)…

~~desire is the wish for things to be not as they are

~~dwelling in the real, individuals who accomplish greet deeds demonstrate what IS possible

~~as we accept and connect with postures that are hard for us, we find the understanding that leads to mastery

Things making me happy today: trying a new diner, beautiful scenic drive, book club wine sign, El Forestero — SO GOOD, reflecting on our great vacation, stunning sunset 🙂

July Vacation {Day SEVEN}

Thursday, July 28, 2017


Yep, today we are celebrating our 15 year anniversary 🙂

It started with sleeping in (!!!!) followed by a relaxing breakfast…coffee, blueberry muffins, and the remainder of our raspberry danish…eating leisurely while reading…the good life!

We headed out the door by noon in order to head up to Northampton…we had booked a 1/2 hour hot tub and an hour couples massage!!

WOW…the hot tub was WARM.  Poor Kimm, by the time we were done she said she felt like she had been boiled alive.  I never saw her face so red!!  And the sweat…it was just pouring down her face.  It even got a little warm for me at the end.  It was sweet relief when we exited the tub and breathed in some fresh air!  They do offer outside tubs so MAYBE it would be better in the fall/winter if you were in an outside tub!  But whew…that was an experience!

Our massages followed and that was SO relaxing.  Although at times the pressure seemed a little intense…which is funny because they both had told us that they were going to be using medium pressure…I would hate to feel what HARD pressure felt like!!  Kimm and I both enjoyed the massages a lot and agreed that we would definitely do that again.  The only thing that we were a little confused about was the tipping procedure…we had not known that it is customary to tip the massage therapist…and of course, not wanting to appear cheap, that added another $30 on to the cost of the massages!!!  Oh well, it is not something that we indulge in frequently.

Then it was time to head for home.  It was STILL raining when we left (it had been raining all morning!!!).  By the time we got home we were STARVING!!!!  We quickly fed the animals and got dressed to head out for dinner.  We chose Olive Garden.

The food was SO GOOD…it completely hit the spot because we were just so hungry.  We had an excellent server.  Two things that were not that great….first — we chose to sit in the bar area, assuming that at least there we would not be seated next to any kids — WRONG — directly behind us was a family with a teenage daughter who I’m thinking was either autistic or mentally challenged in some way — she was wearing headphones which ?? may have calmed/distracted her — regardless, there were many moments during the meal where she would get upset/excited and start shaking and making loud noises, and then when we were about done with our meal and that family had left another family came with two young children, both younger than five I would say, and more loudness!!!  SERIOUSLY…in the BAR area!!!!  We are cursed!!!, and then second — the meal came out almost TOO fast…we barely had time to finish our salad before the appetizer was out and we hadn’t even finished with that before our main meal was out…it just felt rushed, like you couldn’t just sit and linger and enjoy.

But besides that the food was yummy — we both got the Five Cheese Ziti pasta dish for our entree — of which I think I had five bites max…I had eaten so much else.  We had bread sticks with Alfredo dipping sauce, salad, apps (mozz sticks, Parmesan crusted zucchini planks…which we were a little disappointed in…we thought they were going to be the deep fried zucchini that we had had there before).  Kimm also got a Blue Moon beer and I had a Strawberry-Mango Margarita which was fantastic!  We had absolutely NO ROOM for dessert even though it all looked decadent and delicious.

We came home and opened cards.  We both agreed that our cards were excellent 🙂

And then I CRASHED.  I napped for probably a good hour.  All that good food!

We finished the night with a good movie…”Did You Hear About the Morgans?” — with popcorn and some ice cream.  A perfect night on the couch with my sweetie.

Here’s to many, many more years filled with happy memories….

Meditations from the Mat (Day 208)…

~~afraid in a fearful world, we very much DESIRE certain things to happen, and we very much DESIRE that certain other things not happen

~~asana practice is an immersion into the NOW…the work we do on the mat teaches us wholeheartedly to commit to the PRESENT moment

~~all positive outcomes are by-products of our present-moment awareness…do your BEST as an expression of your love for life

~~”Doing your best is taking the action because you love it, not because you’re expecting a reward.” — Don Miguel Ruiz

Things making me happy today: celebrating 15 years together!, massage, Olive Garden — so good (especially the bread sticks with the Alfredo dipping sauce and the strawberry-mango margarita), relaxing night with a movie in our comfies!!