Day Trip!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Our spring trip to the Lee Outlets is in the books!  It was fun AND productive 🙂

Goal — out the door by 9 am.

Reality — out the door by 10 am.

In my opinion, not too bad 🙂

We were up by 7 am, ate our breakfast, and both of us showered and dressed.  A quick trip outside for Izzy and then we were on our way.

We stopped for gas to fill up the tank and then the music was cranking.  It was a BEAUTIFUL drive along the back roads.  Took us just a little over an hour to get there.

We started with the GAP outlet.  I had success — 2 pairs of shorts (size 14!!!!!), a pair of jeans (size 14!!!!), and a pair of linen pants.  I FINALLY caved to the stretch jean fad.  I HAD to find a new pair of jeans and since stretch is THE thing now, I figured I’d better try to find something I liked.  Kimm managed to find three pairs of super comfy lounging shorts.  So we both had good luck there.

By that time we were quite hungry so we headed over to the (limited) cafe and stuck with what we knew…Subway.  We split a foot-long veggie grinder, both had Cheddar Harvest chips (SO INSANELY GOOD), and split a sugar cookie (which was really just so-so).  With food in our belly we were ready to attack again.

The rest of the afternoon went by in a blur.  Kimm found 3 pairs of shorts at Eddie Bauer.  I found some comfy lounge pants and a super thin, long sleeve striped shirt at Aeropostle.  At Nike I was able to get a super cheap pair of sneakers (only $50!).  Kimm got two pairs of Crocs and two pairs of flip flops.  I got a pair of cropped jeans at American Eagle, while Kimm got a super soft sweatshirt-like top and a graphic tee with a cool eagle emblem.  We picked up some odds and ends at a Kitchen shop (new mats to cut vegetables on — ours are SO old, new wooden spoons, an ice pack, bag clip holders).

All in all, a VERY good outing.  We headed back for home at 6:45 pm — a full 15 minutes EARLIER than our goal 🙂

When we were about 20 minutes from Agawam we called for pizza and picked it up before finally heading home.  Believe me, it never felt SO good to sit and REST and EAT after getting all the bags in the house and feeding the animals.

An exhausting but FUN day 🙂

A HUGE thank you to Kimm’s parents for coming over twice during the day to feed and keep our fur-babies company!!!

Meditations from the Mat (Day 123)…

~~our aim is to be at peace with the world around us

~~on the mat we often run up against the desire to be doing something else…the desire comes up and we LET IT GO

~~the problem comes when we react to the thoughts we have on the mat and judge them as bad or good, rather than just meaningless thoughts

~~in order to get our thinking to a higher plane we need to NOT judge the contents of our random thoughts…our freedom begins when we accept the fact of our conditioning…yoga happens when we are unmoved by our conditioning and the desires that come with it

Things making me happy today: having a fun day at the Lee Outlets with my sweetie!, finding jeans and shorts — size 14!!!! — WHAT!!!!, buying new clothes, pizza out — SO GOOD



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